Changing hairstyle frequently means you are under stress

Do you keep changing your hairstyle at regular intervals? Well, then you’re probably a little too stressed, according to a new study. has said that women who constantly go from cropped bob to long extensions and from blond to brunette may be stressed out or feeling overwhelmed.

“Changing hairstyles is really common during life transitions such as a break-up or a new career,” the New York Daily News quoted Los Angeles-based psychotherapist Heather Turgeon as saying.

“Our hair is something we can control, so it’s empowering to make changes especially when you feel like other aspects of life are out of your control,” she added.

Frequently changing styles can be a red flag that you’re looking for something more out of life, and think a new do could end your search.

“Someone who is constantly changing her hair is either a natural chameleon whose aesthetic tends to run parallel to her moods, or she’s searching for something and changing her look fills that need,” said Jason Low, stylist at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon’s in New York and Los Angeles.

And an expectant mom is very likely to change her hairstyle.

Low said that he’s seen women in their last few months of pregnancy ask for a short cut or a simple style so they won’t have to fuss as much after the baby is born.

“But then they return days later feeling exposed and unattractive, questioning their stylists’ judgment in making the cut,” he said.

However, Low has advised women that they should try not to cut their hair on impulse, and stick with a reputable stylist who can persuade them from asking for a cut they will later regret.

And they should take comfort in the fact that it’s just hair – and will soon grow back.

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