10 Ways to reduce hair breakage

Hair breakage is extremely common in both men and women. Unfortunately, many of us do not know how to manage or treat this condition.

Health me up expert Dr Kiran Lohia, MD, shares expert tips to reduce hair breakage.

Wash your hair only 2-3 times a Week

Washing your hair every day causes it to dry out and become rough and brittle. So, over washing can make your scalp think that it needs to produce more sebum, causing it to ultimately become oilier, making you think you need to wash it more. So, avoid this cycle by simply washing your hair only 2-3 times a week.

Use aulfate-free shampoos!

Sulfates are a common detergent ingredient, which creates a lot of foam when you wash your body or hair. Unfortunately, it is also extremely drying, resulting in moisture leaching out from your hair cuticle. This drying of the hair shaft makes the hair more prone to breakage. So look for shampoos that are sulfate-free, as they contain much gentler detergents, thereby protecting your hair.

Always use conditioner

Conditioner is vital to keeping your ends smooth and soft. It maintains moisture and strength and adds life to your hair. Whenever you shampoo your hair, always remember to apply conditioner to the ends (but not on the scalp) to get gorgeous strong hair.
Air-dry your hair

While blow drying your hair is much easier and faster, air-drying is healthier for your hair. Blow dryers release dry heat, causing all the hair’s hydration to evaporate. This makes your hair much more sensitive and brittle, causing more hair damage. So air-dry your hair whenever possible.

Avoid all heating hair appliances

Your blow dryer is one thing, but your curling irons, flat irons, crimpers, straighteners and other hair manipulating devices all use heat. These appliances cumulatively cause severe damage to your hair over time. So, try to not use them if you can, but if you can’t avoid them, use a heat protecting spray or serum before it to moderate the ill effects. But remember, no heat protectant can preserve your hair a 100% from these appliances’ damaging side effects.

Don’t perm your hair

Perming is a chemical process that creates curls. Unfortunately, this chemical breaks the protein bonds in the hair, making it damaged and more prone to breakage. So, avoid perms and keep your hair protected from damaging treatments.

Get regular trims

Trimming your hair is highly important to prevent hair breakage. As hair grows, split ends occur and make the hair more sensitive. Trim your hair regularly to keep those split ends away.

Don’t wet-comb

Combing your hair when wet is the biggest mistake you can make. When your hair is wet, the hydrogen bonds in the hair are broken. This makes your hair much more prone to breaking, causing hair loss. So, avoid combing your hair or creating tangles when wet to prevent your hair from falling.

Avoid colouring your hair

Colouring your hair requires that you apply peroxide or ammonia to change the pH of the hair, which breaks open the proteins within the hair shaft. This damage makes the hair more brittle, resulting in hair fall. So, avoid colouring your hair with these harsh chemicals and look for natural alternatives.

Remember your coconut oil massage!

For thousands of years, Indians have been using coconut oil to massage their hair and maintain long luscious locks. Gently massage coconut oil into your scalp and apply it to your hair at least twice a week to get lovely strong hair.

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