Different hairstyles for balding men

Think bald men are not handsome? Well, think again because women definitely fall for them..

It’s disheartening when a man starts to lose hair. His self confidence plummets, his consciousness grows and well, he seems less of a man without his thick tresses. Okay, we’d like to turn that around and focus on the men who aren’t well endowed in that category.

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Who said men who are bald weren’t sexy? Unlike popular belief, women actually find bald men sexy. “Bald men are hot! If they can carry it off with the same confidence, minus the insecurity, I guess we’d have a winner!” grins Raiza Khan a hairdresser. There are of course men who get edgy about that receding hairline. Kumar Dinesh, an accountant says that when he started losing hair, he was depressed. “I almost cried when I noticed how much hair I was losing but then my girlfriends told me that it was so much more sexier,” Kumar went ahead and got a goatee on to go with his shiny head. “It’s working wonders! Women love bald people. I don’t know what men are complaining about,” concludes Kumar.

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The phase men go through has different stages of grieving. They are sometimes unable to move on to acceptance. Balding gracefully is almost the same as age. You just need that hint of confidence to let you deal with it. There are different hairstyles for balding men, however funny that may sound. For example, you can keep it clean shaven. That way you don’t have to bother about hairstyles, shampoos or combs ever again! Also, we think when you shave your head you’re making a statement to the world. You’ve accepted your hair loss situation and told the world. “This is who I am. Deal with it! You know what’s interesting? At any party, function or clubbing trip, you can be sure that everyone would remember the bald guy. On a website called “Bald R Us”- Just say no to rugs, drugs and plugs work towards standing up against the multi billion dollar hair replacement industry and save victims from possible rugs, drugs and plugs! Of course the founder of this website is bald too. No extra points for guessing that! Then there is the buzz cut – something that Jason Statham has. It gives you a clean, edgy look. If you hair is starting to thin on your crown and near your hairline, then this is the best hairstyle you can have. Beckham sports a short caesar cut which of course was inspired by Roman emperor Julius Caesar. This hairstyle was also later popularized by George clooney.

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Another way to make yourself that gorgeous looking bald man is to grow facial hair. The facial hair diverts attention from that balding head and we think a goatee or a french beard (even a full beard) would look killer on you. Men who want to look menacing should probably resort to this. Get a tattoo and a devil may care attitude – thats probably all it will take to make sure nobody gets near your girlfriend. Telly Savalas, a Purple heart winner during the WWII and the famed Lt Theo Kojak, the tough NYC detective was bald. And probably one of those famous men who never had any issues with his shining top. His famous words? “We’re all born bald, baby!”. We think he’s got that one bang on target!

Famous bald people:

Michael Jordan

Sean Connery

Jason Statham

Vin Diesel

Samuel Jackson

Hunter Thompson

Bruce Willis

Patrick Stewart

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