Getting the perfect haircut and maintaining your hairstyle can be quite a challenge

What makes a man’s hair stylish? For starters, a good haircut, and a little hair styling know-how. Getting the perfect haircut and maintaining your hairstyle can be quite a challenge. And while on bad hair days one does have the option of covering up with a baseball cap, on most days you will want to flaunt your mane.

Get your hands dirty
A blowdryer can be man’s best tool for a natural look. Get good with your hands. Use mousse or a light gel to keep the style in place. A blow-dryer can help add volume and prevent the hair from appearing thinner than it is. It can also create some movement and texture. You can create a completely different look, simply by changing the direction of your hair or moving or parting it differently. Don’t be afraid to try something different. You will be surprised how your hair responds.
Natural growth patterns
Your hair probably sits in a particular manner, that’s the natural growth pattern. But it doesn’t mean you need to stick to the same style forever. Play around with new styles and ask your hairstylist for a change in cut.

Night wash to achieve a better bed-head style
Sometimes styling products are not enough to get that bed-head look. Make the style authentic and simply sleep on washed hair. Then rub a small amount of serum or gel through your locks in the morning for some shine.

Hair should never crunch
With short hairstyles it is easy to overdo hairspray, gels and mousse. Stick to a hair product that is not very sticky and does not flake and always use a small amount. Gels are ideal for that wet sleek look while hair sprays should be used as a finishing product. Pomades and waxes are better products for shorter hair to create some shine and control

Split ends shouldn’t be ignored
If you are growing your hair out and you notice your ends are getting frizzy, get a quick trim. There is nothing worse than unsightly split ends to ruin your look.

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