Hairstyles that make you look thinner

Long layers: This can make your face look lengthier, thus slimmer. Make sure you get a cut, where the ends fall past your shoulders. Give blunt ends to your hair strands so it adds heaviness to your facial frame.

Pixie cut: If you want to go short, try the pixie cut. Make sure, the cut is shorter from the sides and back, but has volume on top and at the crown.

Change the partition of your hair to the side: A middle parting will just make your face look full. So, go for the side-parting, For longer hairdo’s have a deep-side part.

Get side swept bangs: To distract attention from your chubby face, the best thing to do is get side-swept fringes. remember, getting straight cut fringes that fall over your forehead can just make your face look more fat.

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