How to get a crazy quiff cut

Quiff has become one of the all time hit hairstyles among men. Here’s how you can get a perfect quiff

Quiff can now be officially called one of the evergreen hairstyles for men with many celebrities and sport stars still sporting it. But once you get the cut at your barber’s it is important that you get it right at home. Here is how you can maintain your quaff.

Shampoo and condition your hair, comb them properly and then apply a get or serum. Comb them further towards the front of you head.

Use your dryer, set at the highest temperature and lowest speed. Take your comb and run it towards the top of your head across to the side you want it set. Run the dryer along with the comb and let the hair flow through the vents in the brush. Keep your dryer at a safe distance so that there is no hair damage.

Continue to do the same, but only this, time move your comb a little above from your scalp and towards back and sides to make a slight puff. Do it till the hair is completely dry.

While it is a popular hairstyle, you might want to give it some personal touch. Use hair gel or serum to give a wet look in various parts of your hair. Make a small curve with a strand of your hair on the forehead or something like that.

So get those steps right and get set to get the quaff look right.

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