How to get the perfect disheveled look for men

If you are one of those who can’t bother with complicated hairstyles, the disheveled look is a great way to spend the minimum time and look cool.

It’s an uncomplicated look that doesn’t require any great effort, nor a trip to the barber! This style can be worn successfully by all ages and hair types especially when it comes to a less formal occasion.

There are only a few tips that men should make note to carry off the perfect, disheveled look. It is important that you work a product into the hair before drying – this hairstyle is all about the texture. You can use hair wax, since that is a healthier option and doesn’t do a lot of damage to your hair like other chemical products. Dry with low speed and use your hands to push the hair in the direction you want to wear the style.

You can always experiment and change directions even if you’ve already styled your hair, one of the huge benefits of this relaxed style. A few examples of this look are Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor and even Hollywood actor Emile Hirsch in his film Into The Wild.

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