Men, get a sleek classic hairstyle look this season

Classic hairstyles for men have always been appreciated by women, more so when it comes to special occasions.

Besides looking elegant and cool, it is a fail safe and easy to do hairstyle that takes very little preparation or products.

So, whether you sport short frizzy hair, mid-length rough hair or even a shiny long mane, they can all be styled into a sleek, classic look effortlessly. Celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo says, whether you choose to do the side parting, the side-swept quiff or slicked back hair, make sure you use a high-shine product for a polished appearance.

Create a side parting and then dry your hair into the direction desired.When dry, use a styling cream, wax or wet look gel for a slicked look. For maximum hold you can also use a strong hairspray.. Make sure that you get a slight trim though, before you slick-up, since it looks more presentable. It also prevents stray hair strands that could result in you looking unkempt! This look is perfect for any occasion, however it goes best with a sharp suit. Celebrities like Saif Ali Khan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro have successfully sported this look. It goes to show it truly is a classic one!

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