Messy mop still rules for men

… For men who want to look cool, and yet have fun with their mane

Mohawks and their many variants had taken over from the out-of-bed look since the last few years. However, the trend for dramatic hairstyle seems to be on the wane with men across the world opting for a messy hairdo. However, there is a twist to the look this season — kind of an organised mess rather than the flat, hurricane-struck mane of yore. The practicality and the convenience that a messy hairdo offers still trumps.

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Popular styles
Short crop

This style is good for those who suffer from hair fall. Buzzed out sides with a healthy mop of hair on top, and you’re good to go. The best part about this hairdo is that you don’t need to use a lot of product on your hair. After a bath, you can rub a small amount of deconstructing putty or mousse in your mane. This will help minimise the damage to your hair with an overkill of product and look smart, no matter what you wear.

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Best for: Wavy or straight hair. It looks good on men of all ages.
Tip: Visit your local barber for a quick trim every two weeks. This will keep the look fresh and the hair fall will be less noticeable as the hair is evenly cut.

Medium crop
If you have a thick growth, a messy hairdo with a medium crop is ideal. Since you’re aiming for organised chaos, the look can never look untidy. Keep your hair heavy on the top and medium on the sides. For a pixie look, you can let the hair on the sides merge with your sidelocks. The best product to use for the look is a hairspray or pomade.

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Best for: Wavy, curly or straight hair. It suits men under 40, as it plays on the casual, boyish charm.
Tip: Make sure to wash your hair before wearing this style. Also, dry out your hair before using any product.

Long Crop
This hairdo is all about contradictions. If you have seriously straight hair, or even wild curls that are tough to manage, you can do well with wearing them long and messy. Sure, there will be a fair bit of product you might have to use, but once you ease into the look, it’s worth it.

Best for: Extremely straight or curly hair work best with this look.
Tip: For heavy volume, ask your barber to cut your hair in layers as it gives a controlled, messy look. Without layers, your hair will look flat and untidy. Also, after a wash, always blow dry your hair as it gives it a fuller body and volume. It’s best to use beeswax first and then a hairspray to get the ideal, controlled messy look.

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