Short hairstyles and how to style them

Styling short hair is not impossible as many would like to believe. Here are a few tips on how you can style this young and chic look this season

It is a myth that you can’t do much with short hair. Short hairdo is easy to manage and looks fun and chic. It easily takes off ages from your face and you look young; it is an easy way to transform your entire look. Choose the right length for your hair as per the face cut and type of hair; for example, don’t cut curly hair too short as they will curl over your face and forehead. So, sport the young trend with style as we suggest you a few tips on how to style short hair.

Puff it up
Puff adds attention to your face and also maintains bangs in place. “If you’re bored with centre puff, try side puffs and add freshness to your look. Take the bangs and place them to one side and secure with bob pins. Instead of puff, you can also try slicked back look, pull all your hair at the back while adding some texture with teasing comb,” says Kavitha Raman, a hair stylist.

Accessorise your hair
Yes, you can accessorize your hair too. Using hair accessories is a quick and easy way to jazz up your hairdo and, there are various accessories available for short hair. Kavitha adds, “Bob pin with bow, colourful tic-tac pins, broaches, hair bands, there is no dearth of hair accessories. Hear bands are trending right now, and it also looks very good.”

Style smartly
You can use styling cream, gels, mousse, blow dry, straightening irons and more once in a while. Try different hairdo to add variety to your look. Don’t just stick with one style.

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