Youngsters should follow a decent dress code

If you are one of those youngsters who sport funky hairstyles and low-waist pants, beware! The cops are watching you and can get pulled up. Wondering why? They want to give you a few lessons in clothing etiquette.

It was a few months ago that the police caught hold of youngsters sporting Afro hairstyles and those wearing T-shirts with marijuana and Bob Marley prints on them. They felt others can easily get influenced by the sight of these narcotic substances and associated idols in the printed form and can be the target of drug dealers. The latest edition of Kiss of Love event held in Alappuzha saw IG M R Ajithkumar advising a few ‘freakers’ to dress appropriately. The district police are currently continuing the drive in Alappuzha district. So what do our so-called cool dudes have to say about this novel idea of the men in khaki?

The cops have seen only M-Town films

“The police seem to have watched only Malayalam films where stars are always dressed decently. So they believe the rest are indecent men. Having said that, I feel the problem is when you go overboard with your style. Whatever style you adopt, if you do it neatly then there is no problem. You can have different hairstyles, but keep it neat and clean. But then, dressing is a matter of personal choice and the police shouldn’t go by the looks,” says Adarsh, a self-confessed freak.

We are insulted in front of others

Santhu K S, a self-confessed freakan, was once caught by the police for his unusual style. He says, “What we wear is our choice, but the cops insult us in front of the public. They hurt us by pulling our ears and abusing us. It was during the district youth festival at Cherthala that the cops pulled us up.”

This hairstyle is part of my profession

Richy Geo Thomas, a fashion designer from Kollam, sports long, curly hair. He says, “I am a model and travel to Bengaluru regularly but I have never faced any such problem there.”

Suvith Krishna, a model-cum-actor is known for his signature curly long hair. He says, “I am a model and I am maintaining such a hairstyle as my profession demands it. Look at the pictures of criminals that we see in the newspapers; most of them are well-dressed men.”

As a promotion of his upcoming short film Model Kanyaka Menon, Suvith plans to invite 108 men with striking hairstyles. “This won’t be just a promotion for the film; we are planning to donate our hair to cancer patients. So we are growing hair for a cause. Are the police listening?”

We are normal human beings

“There is a misunderstanding that those with striking hairdos are drug addicts and involved in other wrongdoings. But we are not jobless and this is just a style we follow. We are just like any other normal human being,” says Basheer Bashi, a member of a ‘freakers’ group on a social networking site.

Police speak

Cherthala circle inspector K G Aneesh says, “Legally it is the right of an individual to dress in his or her way. But when you live in a society, there are certain norms to be followed. All these styles are not acceptable in our society. When wearing low-waist trousers, men flaunt their underwear and it can be an irritant for women. Mostly, it is the college goers who adopt such styles. They look like troublemakers, so we catch hold of them. We have not initiated a campaign or anything against them. While patrolling if we see youngsters dressed up in an inappropriate way we just advise them. That’s all.”

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