Groovy Guys

HYDERABAD: New trends, unconventional looks and fascinating styles are being sported, making the Hyderabad male look like a million bucks! Special parlours for men can be seen in the nooks and corners of the twin cities, as guys are becoming increasingly fashion-conscious, willing to spend both their time and money on their looks. Gone are the days when men-folk simply oiled and combed their hair and left for work! The well-groomed look is in and some men are going in for a complete make-over as well. Men-centric films like Dostana has actors Abhishek and John Abraham, flaunting their bodies and physique…showing off their well-toned look on the beach and in the bed-rooms too! The spirit of ‘manhood’ and style is being celebrated like never before! Radhika, the manager at Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Studio, Sikh Village Road, says, “Men and Women are coming to us on an equal ratio basis. Men of Hyderabad are striving to look their best. Everything from facial, waxing, hair colouring, hair perming and straightening are becoming increasingly popular amongst men.” Says Mr. Premson, the make-up expert at Sage Parlour, Marredpally, “Men are very particular about their looks these days. They come to the parlour for complete rejuvenation, relaxation and make-over. Everything from black-heads treatment, dark circles treatment, anti-pigmentation, de-tan, double-chin treatment, waxing, skin-polishing and facial treatments are a rage amongst the men-folk. We also have the Dead Sea mineral and the Aloe-Vera clean-up. The clean, hairless look is also in demand now, especially after Shah Rukh Khan’s ( OSO ) and Aamir Khan’s ( Ghajini ), look. In general, people want to look good and presentable at all times.” Men are looking after their skin and taking regular facials for a glowing and radiant look. The range and variety is awesome! Honey facial, marine, mint, chocolate, pearl, saffron, silver, gold, royal-spa, the list is endless and the names tempting! A good facial could range anywhere from Rs 500 to Rs. 2500. Pedicure and manicure is also extremely popular amongst the guys. Mr. Chris Laurence has been searching for a men’s parlour for a make-over and hair-styling. “I have come from Dubai for a family  function and want to sport a new look. The hair, the skin, the face, everything needs care from time to time.” Point taken, Chris! Mr. Manik, the hair-stylist at Sage is busy working on his hair! Well, the look-good, feel-good factor has acquired prominence in our lives…we simply can’t ignore it. Celebrities are setting the trends; others are following it with passion. Even though inner beauty reflects on the outside, great stress is being laid upon the physical appearance as well. Trained experts out there are waiting to accentuate your best features and mask your flaws for you…and surely the guys are all for it!

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