Hairstyles to rock this New Year

Braids: For those ladies who are thinking about spring and summer, they can start experimenting with braids. Popular ones include the braid crown, in which a thick braid is wrapped around the crown of the head and the fishtail braid intertwining with neutral coloured ribbons, creating a fun yet sleek and subtle twist.

But if you want to be more creative, try going for the waterfall braid where you a start a braid at the beginning of your hairline and work your way in. You can leave your hair loose or tie it back in a ponytail for a slick look.

Short hair and cropped pixie cuts: Looking for a drastic change? Give yourself a cropped hair style. If you already have short hair, a great way to make cropped cut more exciting is to add layering. But you before you for go any sort of dramatic change, consider your face shape and hair texture and discuss it with your hairstylist

Windswept up-dos: This look is both casual and dishevelled, yet oozes subtle glamour and charm. For those who are a fan of updos, let plenty of loose locks fall around the face, when pinning hair up.  Prep the hair by spraying volumizing spray on damp hair, and blow-dry using a medium-sized round brush. Starting at the nape, curl the hair with a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron. Be sure to leave the ends out to create a slight bend, and curl the face-framing layers away from the face. Now to create the updo, create a section across the back from ear to ear. Use a big-tooth comb to tease the hair, spraying it with hair spray. Pull the hair back into a loose ponytail, rolling the ends under so that a bob shape is formed. Secure with pins. Take a two-inch section from the sides (being sure to leave the top section out), and lightly tease the roots.

For men, fashion from the 1920’s is in. Try a slick look a la The Great Gatsby with your hair gelled back. If you sport long hair, then you can give the ladies a complex with  a plethora of styles.

Sharp fringes and varied lengths: For an edgier look, a rise in the short, sharp fringe can be carried well and emphasised when the sides and crown of the head are cut short. Not only is this a refreshing change but it also works well for those who wish to hide a receding hairline.

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