High-tech ‘Snipology’

Well this had to happen in our city too. Computerised hair designing. Gone are the days when you had to sit tight in a hair clinic, praying hard to get the cut right, for there was no going back. It has all changed. Just before the stylist goes all the way with the snips, twirls and curls, you can actually choose your style on the computer.

It’s pretty cool. You can actually see how a hair style makeover will look on you before you take the plunge. All you have to do is upload a photograph of yours and poof…..there you are staring back at yourself in a hundred different hairstyles stored in the computer getting superimposed on your face. Just start clicking your way through the innumerable hair styles until you find the right one for you. If you don’t like a particular style, it only takes a click to erase it in an instant. No tears, No regrets. No waiting for the hair to grow back.

‘‘This technology enables you to see how you would look in any hair style, or hair colour. For the men, you can even combine it with different styles of beards and moustaches, so that you know would what kind of hairstyle would go with a particular style of beard or moustache,’’ says Viji Kumarapuram, who has installed this facility at his International Hair Studio at Kannammoola.

And it has become an instant hit, especially with youngsters and film-stars. ‘‘I had a little trouble with the software initially but now I am upgrading it in such a way that our customers, even walk-in customers, will be able to operate it on their own, choose a style that suits them, take a printout and then come in for consultation,’’ said Viji, who takes care of many starry manes like those of Prithviraj, Rahman and Roma among many others.

Indeed, this is a great way to try on a variety of hair styles, without risk, and know the style you select will look great. The haircut has given way to total hair design by computer, which makes hairstyling much more accurate than before. ‘‘Most people with long hair are scared to cut the hair short. With this technology, there is no misunderstanding between the client and the stylist,’’ said Sreedevi Kartha, a resident of Maruthankuzhy. With the arrival of this ‘Choose your mane’ technology, the number of unsatisfied customers can also be cut down drastically.

‘‘Once a hairstyle is chosen, it can be modified in many ways. You can cut, lengthen, add body, make it bounce, reshape, lighten, darken, colour individual locks, change the colour of the hairstyle to customise it for your customer. You can even add different streaks to your hair,’’ said Viji. What’s more, the International Hair Studio even has a plan to record your history in digital format and so when you go there the next time, all they have to do is open your folder and your hairstylist would know the exact details of all the treatments that have been done on your hair. It’s just like maintaining a health record at the hospital and follow-up action becomes unbelievably easy.

So how long will it take for a complete make-over? ‘‘Well, that would depend on the texture of the hair. Sometimes we would need to straighten it, sometimes texturise it and sometimes add an extra bounce to it. But people need to know that their hair is just as, or even more important than your face in creating an impression. It has to frame your face without making the face prominent and at times it takes weeks for a complete make-over,’’ said Viji.

So, from now on, try the hairstyles on before you actually cut your hair and avoid all those disappointing trips.

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