Jazzing up the crowning glory

BANGALORE: It’s the dull gloomy season of the year, with nature at its least colourful and lively avatar. To jazz up the scene, one strikes to the question — ‘how about a makeover?’ What could possibly give one an instant makeover is a change in the way one’s mane looks. We caught up with some of the best hairstylists in town who told us about the hairstyles that have become quite a headturner.

Common people always seems to be attracted by the looks the celebrities sport. In namma city, the hot favourite among women is Victoria Beckham with her chic bob cuts and topping the men’s list is our desi Aamir Khan’s scarred, razor-shaved pate.

Bang from the past

The bob cuts have been a rage for quite some time now in the West, but in India, where women are least experimental with manes, the bygone era’s bob cut look is just getting popular.

Hairstylist Tracy of Chrysolite says, “Today’s women are willing to part with their manes. What’s in demand is the extreme bob cut. It’s sleek and short at the nape, heavy at the crown and much longer streaks in the front.”

Layers are forever

Layers and bangs spell feminism and women seem to be obsessed with this natural, sultry and grungy expression.

Anita of Habibs says, “The layered and feathered cut has been here for long now and seems like they will be as popular even after a year.”

Spooky Spikes

A lot can be done with the young gen’s ever favourite spike. “The spiky mania can be made whackier by toning it with funky colours like ash, magenta and honey blonde,” says Teter of Talking Headz. Mohican Mohawks always grab attention but how far or rather “high” could one go? Kevin of Salon Squeeze says, “Some teenagers can really go wild.

I have styled a Mohawk which stood tall at six inches and was radiated in hues of blue.”

Tailed or tied

The straightened look has fizzed out — for men and women too. It’s all about tying it up. French braids and slinky bands are still best suited for women.

What men could settle for are pigtails.

“Men can be more experimentative by backing up their spikes with coloured pigtails,” Kevin says.

Bold and bald

Ever since Aamir Khan revealed his looks for his upcoming film Ghajini. His almost bald look with a scar running through has become the talk of the town.

“About 10 per cent of our clients, mostly teenagers, ask for the Ghajini hair cut,” says Anita.

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