Know all about hair styling

When you style your hair there are a few things that you should look out for.  We look at 5 things today that a man should consider while styling his hair or getting a haircut.

Always look for a square shaped head setup

The first thing you’ll need to look at is the shape of your head when going for a haircut. An ideal and perfect hairstyle on a man’s head is one that is squarish in appearance. Rounded hair setups appear to be feminine while square shaped hairstyles look more masculine. Rinku Sarkar, a hairstylist at b:blunt says, “Rounded hair setups appear to be messy. Unless very carefully carved, these aren’t very appealing to the eye.”

Keep it clean

While attending parties or casual occasions, men want to look tough and attractive. Fringes or curls falling or dangling over your forehead aren’t something that you should consider. Medium-short spiked hair styled with a little gel is ideal for parties. As Rinku says, “A clear forehead has a tougher masculine appeal. Slightly spiked up hair with a 2-3 day old stubble is perfect.”

Think twice before growing your hair long

Before spending months growing your hair consider how you would look with it first. Long hair is hard to maintain and you need a lot of patience to grow it to the desirable length. Moreover, a hefty tall man with long hair is definitely not appealing. Long hair on big men have a rowdyish look. It’s always better suited for slimmer men. With long hair it’s always nice to have stubble, a light well maintained beard or short clean french beard. A clean shave with long hair tends to look feminine.

The perfect hair cut?

If you’re confused as to what hair cut suits you best, then consider what Mimin B, a hairstylist at Scent, says “It’s not easy to maintain medium hair. Medium hair is messy at times. You’ll have to gel it or keep combing it down. On the other hand, short hair isn’t nice either. You can’t do much with short hair, its too short to style. A short-medium haircut is generally ideal for men. It’s easy to maintain and style.”

Consider resting those shaving blades

Cut down on the time you spend with the mirror, shaving your beard. A two-day stubble is very trendy today. “If your work place or college isn’t too strict about facial hair, then you can go for a stubble,” says Rinku. A stubble suits almost every hairstyle and every occasion.

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