Style your hair the summer way

As soon as summer knocks, one starts to stock up their wardrobe with cotton and linen fabrics, match them with footwear ranging from braided sandals, open-toes, trendy gladiators or classic pumps and a dash of accessories that gives one just the right look this season. Blending in all of these with a perfect hair-do will not just keep you away from the scorching heat, but will keep your hair sun-proof. No matter what your hair type is, you can always find a great summer hairstyle that plays up your best features. Men and women alike need a great summer hairstyle and there are quite some distinct styles to choose from.

Many stylists and experts from the city suggest their picks for this season. Starting off with a renowned hair stylist based in the city, Sachin Dakoji, aesthetic director of Mane’a says, “Summer hair should be carefree,easy and should require low maintenance considering the climate. I suggest a good consultation with your hairdresser along with references if possible. Bobs are in this season,especially asymmetric bobs where the hair is longer in the front. Among the longer, layered hairstyles, easy movement, using natural styling techniques like scrunching and braiding is in. Colour is also a big hit this season. A bright colour flash in red or purple and a fringe is also a quick way to refresh a style without changing the length drastically.”

Moving on to men, he recommends, “For men clean cropped hair is really in, with honey and sand tones as highlights on the longer front lengths. For people with long hair, dreadlocks, and braids and corn rows with Rastafarian bandannas will help controlling unruly locks. Women can also try this.”

Another stylist from the city, Karishma, a popular hair dresser from Toppers, a beauty saloon, suggests, “Messy braids, ballerina buns, perky ponytails, and easy dos are the most adorable hairstyles this season. In summer, people usually go for short hair. However, the length of your hair and style really depends on your face cut.” She then goes on, “Geometric hairstyles, messy braids, fish braids, french braid, buns, perky ponytails, will surely make one look at their adorable best.”

For a summer beach look, she suggests, “Colouring your hair, with shades of honey, blonde and caramel will make you look ready for an ideal summer vacation. In this particular look, the colour gradually fades away moving to the tip. Guys can go for this look, to look smart, yet funky.”

When asked what teenagers in the city prefer this season, Sadaf Mirza, a 19-year-old student of mass communication from St Francis says, “I usually prefer side braids and high ponytails as they are fashionable this season and have a very chic look.” On the other hand, Aditya Nabhi, 20, a student of Gitam University says, “I would prefer a shaved head as it looks quite bold and cool. It is also very comfortable and requires no effort.”

So, go ahead and pick you favourite summer style today and be summer ready.

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