Style your hair to your look

HYDERABAD: A stylish and trendy hairstyle is no longer limited to the celebrities and fashion magazines but everyone can make a fashion statement by understanding their hair type and the haircuts that suit them.

There was a time when every female liked to copy their on-screen idol’s hairstyle.

Whether it’s the Sadhana haircut in the 60s or Dimple Kapadia in the 80s but such celebrity hairstyles are no longer in demand.

I come across girls who want to copy each other’s hairstyle. Women of all age groups are not scared of experimenting with their hair anymore.

One timeless hairstyle that is here to stay is the naturally long hairstyle. This hairstyle, though at times over shadowed by the latest trends, has maintained its beauty and elegance. The best way to manage mid or waist length hair is by cutting the hair in short layers. It gives shape and adds style to your hair.

What the hair stylists call as emo hairstyle, is currently in vogue. Emo hairstyle essentially consists of short and uneven fringes in the front and long hair at the back. The emo hairstyle is extremely attractive and widely accepted.

It suits almost everyone with long hair.

However, the same hairstyle is not popular among all age groups. Women of different age groups have their own set of favourite hairstyles. Girls between the age of 15 to 25 years like long hair. They experiment a lot with highlights and colours and opt for a different look.

Women between 25 and 35 years also prefer medium length hair that is fashionably cut in layers. However, the number of layers and type of layers depend on the hair texture and the quality and shape of the face.

Women between 35 and 45 opt for short hairstyles. Short hair makes it easy to manage and offers a lot of styling options.

A woman looks younger in a short haircut. Graduate bob cut, which was popular among kids is popular among women of this age group. The short haircut sported by Victoria Beckham is also very much in demand.

However, different hair textures and hair type suit different haircuts.

For curly hair, in order to maintain the natural curls the front part can be cut in fringes and straightened and curls behind can be left untouched. This hairstyle will give proper shape to the hair at the same time highlight the natural curls.

For straight and limp hair, it is very important to add volume. The trick is to cut the hair in very short square layers as that will give volume to the hair.

For wavy hair it is important to reduce the unevenness while maintaining the volume and the texture.

A good hairstyle makes a woman confident and look smart. With proper consultation, a stylish hairstyle can transform any plain Jane into a fashion icon.

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