When your hair falls

Silky hair is so much written about, he has heard that the head start worrying undercoat. Housing starts and all the hair in ways that enhance Champi exercise chasing claims. What could be the reasons for hair loss and what are the ways to cope with the situation?

The reasons for hair loss

Genetic: Hormones of the most significant role in the growth of hair. When the body‘s hormone levels can increase the hair falls.

Infection: Fungal infections of the dime-sized circle on the head several times, and the child becomes disappear. Rainy days do not wipe properly wet hair can also be a fungal infection. Immune system disorders Elopisiy Ariatta disease seem to be missing in the hair in the shape of coins. Dandruff is also considered a type of fungal infection.

Some diseases: typhoid diseases like cancer and hair loss during the start, but in such cases the hair growth to get rid of the disease is common. During the chemotherapy in cancer patients are given the drugs, they tend to stop the growth of hair cells. Cancer cell with an impact on sales has been responsible for hair growth.

Pollution and stress: a major cause of concern is the loss of hair. Stress can have many reasons. Job tension, illness or death of someone close to or one more thing. Pollution is bad because of the health of the hair, which comes across as a result of hair fall. Moreover, the hair loss without the doctor’s advice to begin dieting.

Hair pulling disease: a disease with many people‘s hair pulling. It is a kind of nervous disorder. Thinkthinking person in this state is pull your hair. The disease is called Troikotilominia. Children seem to be less than its due.

Drag hair tie: Sikh turban tying tie the hair on the back dragging. Similarly, a particular pattern hair embellished Negro. Mutual grooming hair hair rub is in the process and this is the beginning of hair loss. This condition is called alopecia Trakshnl.

Hitting style fashion affair ever color their hair, so sometimes Straightening. Often through Aerning are trying to make them attractive. The use of gel is also growing rapidly. All these factors affect the hair cuticle is the outer surface. Use that they may not be better or less and be careful.

Due to drugs: in some cases, also falling due to drugs. Klestrol loss drugs, Parkinson’s, arthritis and the drugs in the treatment of ulcers, certain medicines made from vitamin A, beta-blocker drugs that prevent high Bldpreshr, Anticogulants, hair loss caused by agents Aentithayroid begin.

Common Myths and Facts

1. Herbal shampoo not Ditrgnt

The shampoo is froth, it is definitely Ditrgnt. Herbal Shampoo is no exception. Indeed, there is no Ditrgnt froth formed. Just put a few drops of Sikakai or Reetha things do not change. If avoid Ditrgnt Reetha, Sikakai and making home Find mixture of rosemary.

2. The daily oiling strong hair

Oil to make hair heavy and dirty. Oil is more attractive because of the dust on the hair. So there is no point in putting the oil bath. In addition to having long hair oiling is wrong.

3. Use Extra protein shampoo

Extra protein are many shampoos claim. The thing to understand is that during washing hair shampoo can not be contained within the hair is protein. It worked just the outer surface of the hair cuticle is confined to clean. Hair needs protein, but the dose received.

4. Do not put oil from washing hair falling

Many people think that the oil with a hair wash the hair stronger, but it is not perfect. Indeed, the hair How healthy would be things like their old Jnetikli are determined. Good food are healthy hair, but the point is not put oil washing hair.

5. Faster growth of bald or haircuts

Many people are falling bald look or give your hair get too small. They may or not be the hair short, his loss will be minimal and will not issue new hair loss. But this thinking is wrong. Being bald does not affect hair loss.

6 shampoos Contact Time

People are usually washed away by either shampoo or live long enough to hit. They will benefit from putting too late. But the fact that the contact time of shampoo should be about five minutes, neither more nor less. Find time for it to clean up the mess.

7. Oil is off dandruff

Because of changes in hormone levels in young oily skin of the head, and this is why there is dandruff. Oiling the hair of people will get rid of dandruff problem, but in fact it does not. Oil has nothing to do with dandruff.

8. Frequent washing hair cracking

Head on over to the dirty falling short on the daily shampoo. Hair falling in a deadline day. Several days later, washed the hair will fall, even if the same child. It is possible that during the first Chanpi hair short hair come up during breaks and shampoos.

Not only do the hair Jden

Right Diet
Throughout the day, drink at least 12 glasses of water.

Children are made of protein, so eating more protein foods should be. Green vegetables, fibrous fruits, milk and meat, especially the abundance of fish protein.

Hair loss can be a lack of iron in the body. Eating should be so rich in iron. Eat iron-rich vegetables like spinach.

Vitamin E is helpful in increasing the hair, so eat foods containing vitamin e.

Eat food rich in zinc. Zinc prevents hair loss and graying.

Vitamin C blood supply to the hair roots is responsible for the health of the ducts.

Copper-rich food, such as cashew nuts, almonds, milk and beans is also beneficial for the hair.

Washing method
Check out the first hair combs are not lumps of any kind between them. Doing so decreases the chances of hair caught breaking.

Shampoo hair with light hands and then find mildly wet. Apply the shampoo to the hair from the roots to look at the whole child. And then in the same manner to a bottom-up foam hand moved. Create foam or hair while scrubbing means or another, unduly complicate or scrub them.

Hair for two to three minutes, rinse with water after cleaning foam. Keep in mind that on the surface of the head are not the slightest bit of shampoo. One way is to be used at low volume shampoo.

Use of conditioner after shampooing people usually do not. They feel that the hair grow weak. This assumption is wrong. Hair conditioner helps to meet the nutritional cycle. It remains the shining hair. Keep in mind that the head surface conditioner, when the skin is not. This causes damage to the hair.

After applying conditioner thoroughly wash a minute. Take care over the shampoo.

Wet hair is neither too fast nor towel rubbing Wipe dry with a jerk. Keep in mind that at this stage, children are the most soft and vulnerable. After washing the hair with a towel tied to lightly clean or leave towels. Sometime in the water will soak.

Fine-toothed comb should not be used. Should also avoid combing wet hair.

How Chanpi
One of the doctors do not believe that the hair does not contribute significantly to the growth and nutrition of oil. According to them in the head by Chanpi gets better blood circulation. Further work to pull the oil just dirt.

Shortly before bath oil can be applied. It‘s a kind of conditioning works, but it is the scene of much use in shampoos, which have their own risk.

Chanpi can use any oil. If Chanpi light hand is better, or else have reached the stage of shedding hair and begin to break the fast. Therefore, any further claims Beware of oil through the hair grow.

What to do if you start hair loss

Please consult with a Certified Dermtoljist.

Focus on diet and stress level.

Hair falling in the trap of building oil and cream instead focus on basic things.

Use the right shampoo. Do not leave dirty hair.

Will the introduction of

Humans have hair on the head by a half-million. There are three stages of hair. These are the active or growing, resting and shedding. Ie the hair grow long time, then stopped for a few months and then they discharge their edge, and are replaced by new hair starts to grow. The active phase of hair means that at the time, which makes hair grow. It is set Jnetikli. In the case of women with long hair can be eight to ten years, while the other child is complaining of gain, in their case it could be up to 2 years.

After active phase of hair fall. Because of this process from 50 to 100 hairs fall day. If so, then nothing to worry about falling hair every day, but when you start to look everywhere there is a problem of hair fall. Hair look like much on the pillow in the morning, where even sit for some time, the child may be perceived to be so thin that the scalp or hair started to show up.

The issue of hormone

Women are lucky in terms of hormone. Something like this is the way their hair loss hair loss from the front, not Jdkr start. In contrast, the back and the front part of the head in men hair loss before the start. Nowadays, with increasing age the factor most responsible for cases of hair loss is considered. Trytmnt largely help prevent hair loss.

When the hair can not grow
Injuries due to a deep wound in the skin of the head, the hair cells are lost. The hair on the skin can not be grown. Be it in the language of medical call scarring.

Also coming hairy pus-like illness in Chidon would be possible to grow hair again.

Folisil active until a reasonably prevent hair loss and re-grow hair is possible.

Sometimes hair falls due to illness or another. It says Aelopisia Arota. Within a year, these hairs that come up himself.

Pregnansi and Hair Loss

Pregnansi hormone estrogen in the body, changes in the level. Better to take iron supplements as well as women. Because children are strong, but after 3 months of delivery Hair loss can be rapid. Because once again, the changes in the body‘s hormone. Hormone during Pregnansi put a stop to hair loss factors, but after 3 months of delivery came on stage these Hormones are normal. Period because of shedding hair start falling. It does not need to be nervous. Hair loss in this way you are right. Hair Care and a good dose of just the right note.

Search for dieting havoc on hair

Doctors have seen the recent cases that girls do not you rich in nutrients during dieting. The body as well as the impact on the health of the hair. Use of nutrients in the body will be the first common actions and the hair will not get adequate nutrition. This in turn weakens the hair of dieting, dry, lifeless hair or hair loss is seen. Under the supervision of a doctor should be better diets and lack of the necessary elements are not allowed to come.

What Ayurveda says

Ayurveda is the intercession of oiling the hair after washing. Have their roots in the hair oiling. Mahabringraj or Brahmani oily hair is good nutrition. It is found Triphala, which is good for the health of the hair. Alba oil increases blackish hair, white hair black, though it can not.

Hair loss panacea

Three to four tablespoons of cold water and soak overnight Bell powder. Mix molasses morning of 10 to 15 grams. Drain the water from fine cotton fabric. The solution to the roots of the hair for about 10 minutes massage. Doing so will stop hair loss within two to three months. To stop the hair loss then start applying hair oil. It also respond to dandruff.


Such things should be avoided, in which cold, cold, catarrh occurs. Sauce, vinegar, Ochar, eat less salt and sour things. Almonds, milk, curd, ghee, butter consumed in amounts balanced.

Treat dryness

Dryness of the hair, or any other reason are having itching Boil neem leaves in water. Drain the water, including a little turmeric. Wash the head of the water, will be itching to get away.

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