Book on Mumbai city’s railway network takes readers on nostalgia trip

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Book on city’s railway network takes readers on nostalgia trip

A book on Mumbai railways, the ground zero of Indian Railways, is taking readers on a ride down memory lane as it reveals interesting facets of railway stations like CST.

‘Halt Station India’, published by Rupa Publications and authored by senior journalist Rajendra Aklekar, has a foreword by former BBC journalist Mark Tully.

It was released by union railway minister Suresh Prabhu last month. It is the story of how Mumbai’s rail tracks, India’s first railway line, have expanded to ferry more than seven million passengers today.

“The book tells the story of each station and the relics of that glorious era that are still lying around at those stations. It’s the story of Bombay railway… the lifeline of what is now Mumbai city,” Aklekar said.

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“It chronicles the dramatic rise of India’s original rail network, the arrival of the first train, and the subsequent emergence of a pioneering electric line — all in the port city of Bombay. Trains that once provoked awe and fear — they were viewed as fire chariots, smoke-spewing demons — have today become a nation’s lifeblood,” he said.

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In the book, each pit-stop comes with stories of desire and war, ambition and death. By Dockyard Road station, for instance, author Laurence Sterne’s beloved Eliza Draper followed a sailor into the sea

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