Averil Nunes recommends 5 uber-luxury ways to stay cool this summer

The Price of Cool

Averil Nunes recommends 5 uber-luxury ways to stay cool this summer

Get yourself a pricey brew

The Antarctic Nail Ice Brew, a bottle of which sold for US$1,850 in 2010, is thus far the priciest beer in the world. Just 30 bottles were brewed by Nail Brewing, with Ice brought back to Perth, Australia from the Antarctic, by members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on their previous campaign to stop the killing of whales. The proceeds from the sale of Antarctic Nail Ale went to the Sea Shepherd. Our attempts to contact the company to find out if they intend brewing another batch of limited-edition beer have received no response. The world’s previous most expensive beer, a US$765 bottle of ‘The end of History’ brewed by BrewDog’s in animal carcasses, is also unavailable. However, you can still get a sip of the world’s third most pricey beer, Carlsberg’s Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 priced at US$400/375 ml and sold primarily through three up-scale restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark.[ad name=”HTML-1″]

Try on some designer shades

Chopard’s De Rigo Vision Sunglasses, priced at US$408,000, are currently the most expensive sunglasses in the world. Swiss company Chopard, teamed up with luxury glasses manufacturer De Rigo Vision to create these ultra-haute shades composed of 60 gm of 24-carat gold. The company’s signature ‘C’ swirls gracefully on the temples of the frame surrounded be 4-carats worth of 51 full-cut River diamonds.

Visit Some of the 10 coldest places in the world

Chill out at Rogers Pass, Montana, USA; Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA; Fort Selkirk and/or Snag, Yukon, Canada; Eismitte and/or North Ice, Greenland; Verkhoyansk and/or Oymyakon, Russia; Plateau Station or Vostok, Antartica, where temperatures range from -57 °C to -89.2 °C. While the cheapest round trip flight will cost you no less than `1,00,000, a little research will make it apparent that not all these places are inhabited, so do pick your destination wisely.

A scoop of Black Diamond Ice-cream

While the Golden Opulence Sundae is still available for US$1,000 on the Serendipity 3 menu and requires 48-hour advance reservation, the Langham Chicago’s Pavilion lounge and tea room recently introduced a US$1,000 sundae called ‘The Victoria’. The chocolate ice-cream comprises premium Guittard Complexite 70 percent Cacao chocolate; fruity Tahitian vanilla, traditional Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla and peppery Mexican vanilla; caramelized golden peanuts, 24-carat gold dust, dark chocolate croquant, Louis XIII de Rémy Martin, hot fudge, salted caramel, butterscotch and whipped cream topped off with 24-carat gold leaf and a handcrafted edible chocolate crown. The sundae is reportedly served in a Wedgwood crystal bowl, which customers get to keep and is paired with a bottle of 2003 Dom Pérignon—which typically retails for about US$150. But we’re more intrigued by a cafe in Jumeirah, Dubai rolling out an ice-cream scoop priced at US$817. The ‘Black Diamond’ flavour at Scoopi Café features edible 23-carat gold flakes, Madagascar vanilla ice cream, Iranian saffron and black truffle. The delicacy is served in a bone china Versace bowl and spoon—which customers can take home.[ad name=”HTML-1″]

Treat yourself to a cold spa

Or take a cue from Cristiano Ronaldo and buy yourself a cryotheraphy chamber. Spanish paper El Mundo has been credited for reporting that the football star installed a chamber costing around €45,000 in his La Finca mansion. Cryotherapy is the practice of exposing the body to temperatures as low as -160°C to provoke muscle regeneration and immune-system stimulation. Cryosauna prices vary with distributor and country, but according to Cryomed, the company that sold the cryosauna to Cristiano, the end-user price for India is about €24,000,00. This includes assembly, training and delivery, a 24-month or 3,000- session warranty (whichever comes first); a 12-months or 3,000 session warranty (whichever comes first) for components and service. In 2014, the cost of one session varied from about €39 in Austria to €50 in France, €55 in Italy, €70 in Netherlands, €80 in Spain, and €70-€80 in America.

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Published Date:  Apr 18, 2015

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