From cymbidiums to hydrangeas, exotic flowers and plants are all the rage at the moment

Blooms of Opulence

From cymbidiums to hydrangeas, exotic flowers and plants are all the rage at the moment, finds

A sign of love, life and beauty, flowers have always inspired artists and poets, why else would Ralph Waldo Emerson say something as beautiful as, ‘The earth laughs in flowers’. Whilst there are thousands of types of flowers, some species are extremely rare making them highly sought after. “The Phalaenopsis orchids are the most popular and fashionable flowering plants that you see in luxury homes across the world. They come in vibrant colours and stay in bloom for a few weeks or even months. They are imported into India from Thailand; each plant is around `2000-`3000. Most people opt to buy a cluster of these orchids, to add a touch of elegance to their homes,” says Sonal Shah, proprietor of Bageecha.[ad name=”HTML-1″]

According to Sonal, imported flowers are a rage at the moment. But all that’s rare and exotic does come with a hefty price. “The hydrangeas from Holland cost `500-`800 a bloom, the cymbidium orchids from South East Asia are priced at `1,000-`1,500 per bloom. Tulips are very popular too, but they have a shelf life of only one or two days and they cost `200 each. The king proteas, Banksias and pincushions from Australia are also popular, though these may also be imported from Holland,” she adds.

Noora D’mello, owner of The Happy Florist says, “People love imported exotic flowers—cymbidium orchids, protea, tulips, peonies and liliums”. Her personal favourite is the cymbidium orchids, when purchased by stem. “I love them! it looks like each one has been painted with love.”[ad name=”HTML-1″]

While imported flowers may be the preferred option for most buyers, one cannot dismiss the fact that some of the most exotic flowers, which grow in India are as varied as the country itself. It is indeed a thing of luxury to source, buy and then transport these to the homes of the rich and the affluent. Like Sonal says, “Some of the most expensive flowers are grown in India. “Hydrangeas are grown in the South, near Ooty and Conoor. You do get cymbidiums from the North East too. But they don’t really make it to the market as they are hard to transport from there. It is easier to get imported ones”. [ad name=”HTML-1″]

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