This cycle pedals on ‘solar power’

solar cycle

solar cycle

There might be no respite from the scorching heat, but two students from the city have found a way to make the most of the Sun’s power. The budding engineers have designed a cycle that uses a solar panel to power it and runs for more than 5 km at a speed of 30 kmph. Dishant Patel and Rajan Mishra, both 21, are students of Nararayan Shastri Institute of Technology, Jetalpur (NSIT).[ad name=”HTML-1″]

In the fourth semester of their bachelor of engineering course, the students took up the project of coming up with a travel option that caused minimum pollution and consumed less energy. As the boys were demonstrating their project, at least 50 people came to them asking them about the making of the project and the cost they have bear for it. It took them a year to finish the bike which runs on solar panel. So why make a solar bicycle? Dishant told Mirror, “The reason we chose a bicycle was simple. There are so many vehicles in the market, but all of them are costly. We wanted a transportation mode that is affordable for everyone. We made a few corrections to the basic model like changing the rear wheel and adding an accelerator mode to it.”[ad name=”HTML-1”]

The boys exchanged the rear wheel for the one from a Yo-bike. “There is a disc brake like the one used in fourwheelers. Also, the accelerator gets its power from the battery attached to the bike which is powered with solar energy. There is a meter attached to the bike which indicates the level of power in the battery. It runs at a speed of 30 kmph, which is good for a city,” said Rajan. The duo was impressed and influenced by the Solar Impulse which had come to the city in March. “We were so happy to see a project involving solar energy harvesting is so successful. It encouraged us and boosted our morale. We became more confident of our success,” said Dishant. The bicycle also has the option of running on electricity. It can also be used as a normal bicycle, using the pedal to move around.[ad name=”HTML-1″][ad name=”HTML-3″][ad name=”HTML-3″][ad name=”HTML-3″]

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