Hairstyles in vogue this season

Hair expert Sylvia Chen guides men in achieving these hot and happening hairstyles.

Textured look
Cut –
Keep the side short and graduated and clean over the ears. The top crown section should be layered and kept disconnected and long.

Style – After shampooing, on towel- dried hair apply a small dollop size amount of molding gum with medium hold onto the palm of the hands. Massage the product in your hands and then apply to the length of the hair. Then start to finger style the hair giving a diffused movement on the crown and shaping the front into a wave as shown. Note – Molding gum will give hair the hold and shine effect that you see in the picture. If your hair is too thick, you may need a sculpting gum with extra strong hold.

Grungy look
Cut –
The hair is kept long over the ears and long at the back giving it the dishevelled look. This cut looks razored over all, thereby, having long pieces within the short hair. This gives a neat disconnected visual hair cut.

Style – On dry hair, apply beach texture spray onto the roots to get a roughed-up look. Then apply matt styling paste with medium hold onto the ends, just to accentuate the disconnected hair points in the haircut.

Note – The key to achieving this style is the ruffed dry matt looking hair.

Braid it up
Cut – Keep hair long and shoulder-length to achieve this corn row braided hairstyle. It’s easier to work with one-length hair, as it allows to incorporate the braids with ease.

Style – On freshly shampooed and conditioned hair, apply setting lotion with a strong hold, liberally, to keep hair sections neat and in control while braiding the hair. Hair is braided in five rows, two rows on either sides above the ears and the other three rows on the top crown section. Braids should start from the front and move backward till you reach the ends and then secure hair with elastic bands. Note – While braiding hair keep a water spray bottle with you. In case the hair dries out, you can moisturise it and have control of the sections.

Messy do
Cut –
The hair should have length and a graduated shape i.e. shorter underneath but longer on the top. This cut works well for someone who has fine hair.

Style – Apply texture spray onto dry hair. (It’s fine if your hair is shampooed the previous day.) Using a tail comb tease hair randomly to give your locks frayed looking ends. Fix hair using a finishing spray with strong hold to give hair the volume and gravity defying style.

Spiky do
Cut –
The back of the hair is kept long giving this cut casualness. Most men want some length in their hair. The sides are kept short but increase in length towards the centre top section, almost following the head shape. Also front forehead section is disconnected and cut shorter and texturised for the messy fussed up hair do.

Style –Work on freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Blast dry hair till about 50 per cent dry and then apply sculpting gel with a strong hold. The gel will give the hair gravity defining lift. After applying the products on to the length of the hair evenly, start to finger style the hair in the desired shape. Note – The concentration of use of product will be more on the top crown section as that’s where you want the hair to defy gravity.

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