Mane manners for summer

The hot and sticky summers insist for the waves of hair to be protected from the heat waves. And with that dependable source called common sense almost every head can be seen sporting the most stylish and innovative of hairstyles.

A neat look is all one wants in the summer with the face and neck not getting irritated due to dangling of hair here and there. While gentlemen can go for a nicely combed and partitioned formal look or spike up the mane when having fun with friends, there are many choices for ladies depending on the various lengths of hair. ‘‘The most simple and common tip for those with a length until shoulders would be to tie up the hair into a bun holding it with a clutcher and for the short ones that still peep out use the tic-tac clips that the female tennis players always keep in vogue,’’ says Nitu, proprietor of Mystique at Shahid Nagar. For ladies with straight long hair a slight change would be suggested by adding short layers and bangs or the popularly known fringes, which end above the eyebrows specially for women with round or square shaped faces and high cheek bones. This gives a touch of style, says Nitu and to feel comfortable they could be combed to one side of the forehead.

Adopting the blunt or crop cut is also suggested until it ends above the neck if you want to keep the hair open and to keep it trendy you could straighten it or add waves or give it the evergreen bob look. Shorter hairstyle solutions look great in summer with a cut below the earbob with different layers. Also, the veg cut, mushroom cut and boy cut are popular for both young girls and ladies that give a smart look in summers and also would certainly feel light and cool. The Hollywood and Bollywood pixie cut also falls under the same category. Always chic are the ponytails that look modish with hair cut in razor and layers for girls and suit men with long hair too.

‘‘Side-layers tucked behind the ear look stylish with ponytails,’’ adds Nitu. Pretty hair clips, picks, pins and other accessories would complement tied hair. Gorgeous ones are however not recommended in summers. So use light coloured clips like baby pink and blue. ‘‘It depends a great deal on what the person is wearing and for what occasion to pick a hairstyle. With weddings still going on buns and plaits and braids are suggested for those with long hair while short hair can be kept open, either permed or straight.’’ For formal occasions and offices ponytails and buns would be suitable whereas using clamps and clutchers for long hair or simply a pixie with no worries of combing would be great with some cool summer wear like skirts or jeans and T-shirts and tops,’’ Nitu says.

The summer can also generate a lot of oil from the scalp making the hair sticky so oiling frequently is obviously not preferable. Shampooing and conditioning or using hair styling gels are good options. Once in a week or fortnight one could drop in for a hair spa at a parlour too which starts at Rs 350 onwards.

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