Some hairstyles for summer

Some hairstyles for summer


The City’s top models showcased varied and trendy hairdos.

Chic : Priya NayakTwenty five of  Bangalore’s top models were given a makeover and one got to see some unique hair styles by the stylists of Jean-Claude Biguine salon in France.

They launched their new look amidst much fanfare in the City recently. There were two or three rounds and every round had something new to showcase.

Bangalore’s top models – Jackie Shetty, Aaliya, Parto Gohari, Viraja, Nina, Priya, Priyanka and Apoorva – to name a few, flaunted 25 looks from Jean-Claude Biguine’s latest collection. It was a perfect blend of contemporary and chic streaks. The team of stylists who flew in from France, just for the show, made sure that the styles were in keeping with the brand’s philosophy of chic style and aesthetic values.

The collection was launched amidst the who’s who of the City. Those gathered could help themselves to all sorts of unlimited beverages and short eats. Carole Robequin, head stylist of  Jean-Claude Biguine, says that the styles are inspired by Paris Chic. “The  women in Paris are well dressed all the time and they never step out without an elaborate hairdo and makeup. All the hairstyles are inspired by the fashion followed by the women in Paris,” explains Carole.

Carole further explains that the collection encompasses five elements such as air, water, flame, metal and earth. “The make-up is loud and sometimes it extends to the hair as well. Each hairdo has a story to tell. It depicts a time gone by. The make up is also changed in keeping with the occasion. For evening wear, it’s subtle and for a chic party it’s loud,” she adds.

Ask Carole if it was easier to work with the hair type of Indian women and she says, “Do you know that Indian woman have the best hair texture in the world? It’s flexible and perfectly suits the shape of Indian face, features and complexion.”   The models who were given the makeover were just as thrilled as the team who worked on them.

Priya Nayak, one of the models, had her hair double tonged for the first round and the look was complemented with a flowehair band. “It is a perfect summer hairdo and I’ve never seen my hair look so beautiful before,” says Priya. She added that for the second round her hair was put up in keeping with the theme of flame. “This was a funky hairdo. It was something unique that was never done to my hair before. The orange make-up perfectly complemented the hairdo.”

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