Short ‘tresses’ cut to success for Mollywood actresses

(Clockwise from bottom left) Actresses Aparna Gopinath, Mia George, Nitya Menen and Parvathy Menon     (Photo: DC)

(Clockwise from bottom left) Actresses Aparna Gopinath, Mia George, Nitya Menen and Parvathy Menon (Photo: DC)

In the early 1980s, every woman watching the gorgeous silky tresses of the heroine on the screen had the same thought: “I want hair just like that!”

The long, swishy hair, which would bounce as they walked, was undeniably the owner’s pride and viewers’ envy. Over the years, actresses of M’town became more adventurous by allowing their natural wavy, medium-length curls or waves portray the liberated women. Still, Malayali men and women adamantly stuck to their fantasies about their heroines’ long hair with thulsi leaves. But it is now time to bury those long-cherished beauty concepts!

M’town’s confident starlets like Parvathy, Nitya Menen, Aparna Gopinath and Mia George have broken the norm by chopping off their velvety tresses for a short bob or a pretty blunt cut. They say, “If you have got the looks and the guts, even a pixie, little bob can make you enchanting!” Like it or not!

Parvathy was daring enough to chop off the long, silky straight hair that made Panimalar in Mariyan more attractive, and opt for a gamine and gorgeous, yet classic close crop. The actress looks stunning with her new hair style, which brings out her gorgeous, big brown eyes and strong pout. She says that it was an act to get her back from the influential Panimalar.

Ask her if the short hair look has restricted film offers, she says, “I don’t think it is an issue at all. And my hairstyle has turned out to be perfect for my character in Bangalore Days.” Rightly so, the short hair look sported by Parvathy in the film has become a rage among the younger audience.

After many years of keeping her hair long with tight voluminous curls, Nitya Menen got experimental with her hair recently. With her new medium-cropped bob look which makes Sarah of Bangalore Days more appealing, the charming actress says, “I was never apprehensive about cutting my locks. I love change and to break the monotony, I decided to cut off my long strands. In fact, I have even shaved my head during college days. It was liberation for me.” She never bothered about a bad hair cut as it is not permanent. “It is going to grow back anyway!” she quips.

How could one avoid Aparna Gopinath while talking about actresses and their short hairstyles? In ABCD, she pulled off a pixie cut. Like the others, even she keeps trying exciting haircuts for a new look. However, the actress declares that a pixie is what she loves the most.

“I am quite adventurous and spontaneous. From long to short, hair really gives you the perfect look you desire. The current style is the best for me as it is very easy to manage.” The actress also admits that her hairstyle has helped her to place herself in the industry.

Mia wasn’t in the mood to change her hairstyle drastically, even though she wanted to break the routine with minor alterations. She will appear with her medium curly locks in Hi, I am Tony after winning a lot of fans’ hearts with her straight tresses in films like Salaam Kashmir, Vishudhan and Mr Fraud.

“All I wanted was a change in my look. So I thought of going for a layered cut. But I felt more experimental at the parlour, and I decided to make it short. Now the soft curls that bounce make me happy.”

Though she is happy for the positive feed back, she also says that there a few aunts who have thrown affectionate reprimands her way for cutting off her long silky hair. “Hair is to grow and to experiment,” she says

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