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Four sweat-proof hairstyles every gym-goer must try

When you’re working out, the one thing you should least care about is your hair. Be it high-intensity moves or dance practice, keeping your hair in place will only make your session fuss-free. No one likes the idea of sweating, messy and sticky har during a workout. Having said that, a right hairstyle can fix all your hair woes during a great workout.
So next time you’re heading out for a workout, a sweating hairstyle shouldn’t be your excuse. Whether your hair is long or silky, we’ve got the right hairstyles that will not fall out in between. These hairstyles won’t irritate your neck, stay in place and won’t be sweat hideout.
These four easy hairstyles decoded by Image Consultant. Garima Bhandari will be perfect for your next fitness routine. From updos to braids, try these hairdos that won’t bother your workout at all!


Best hairstyles for men, according to their face shape

The next time you sit on the barber’s chair, give a thought to how well your hairstyle is going to blend with your look, especially features. You may get floored with Salman Khan’s latest hairdo. But what looks good on him might prove to be a disaster for you. The reason is simple, you may not have the similar face cut, strong jawline and broad forehead like him.
Unlike girls, men can’t style their locks in multiple ways, and have to bear the look for the next few months if the hairstyle doesn’t suit their face. So, the next time you go for a new chop, keep your face shape in mind and chose the style that actually compliments your overall look. Confused with your face shape and the style to opt for? Fret not, boys! We have done the research and pinned down what suits you the best. Here are all the tips you need to keep in mind!

1. Round

Those with a round face shape have almost equal length and width, and the cheekbones are the widest part of their face. People with this face cut should opt for hairstyles that add height. Fringes should be a big no as they will make your face appear smaller. If you have naturally straight hair, try to keep them short in the back and opt for a length of around three to five inches on the sides. A quiff is a great option to try as it will add the much-needed height to your face, and a balanced look. Those with wavy hair can use their natural volume to give an illusion of height, and can even use a sea salt spray to add extra volume and keep the hair intact. The key remains the same for curly hair- keep the crown area high. Plus, you can also grow a full square beard to make your jawline look angular.

2. Oval

Oval shaped people are blessed with a balanced look and can pull off almost every hairstyle. Their jawline is soft, and forehead is wider than jaw (imagine an egg upside down). Just keep in mind that your stylist works with your hair’s natural growth pattern. Go for a cut with short hair on the sides and slightly longer on the top. Side-swept locks will help to give an illusion of angle to your face cut. Also, avoid fringes as they will hide your forehead and make your face look rounder. Most importantly, going clean-shaven is a heads up because people with this face shape have quite proportionate structure.

3. Square

The moment one talks about a square face, David Beckham is the right person to picture. Such face shape is characterised with angular jawline, sides of the face are straight, and the length and width of the face are almost equal. Your strong jawline is your best feature and your haircut should highlight it. Opt for neat, classic hairstyles including short layers and close fades. A side parting is a must for people with this face cut. Plus, a little stubble can add more sharpness and oomph to your look.

4. Oblong

This one is the longest of all the face shapes, and the forehead, cheekbones and jaw are of almost similar length. Sometimes, also called rectangular, the trick is to not let the haircut further elongate your face. Try keeping length on the top and don’t go too short on the sides- scissor cut fits your bill. You can also try styles where hair falls on the sides of your forehead to add width to your face. Steer away from long beards as it will only make your face look longer. Rather go for stubble or short beard to achieve a balanced look.

5. Triangular

In this face shape, the jawline is wider than the cheekbone, and the forehead. Hence, the trick is to add more volume to the sides and the top. You can go for fringes to make your forehead look wider, and face more balanced. Curly tops, quiffs are again some smart styling hacks for you. A thick beard is also a great option to balance the chin area, and obviously, clean-shaven look may not go down well.

6. Diamond

This one is the rarest of the rare face cuts. The cheekbones are the widest part, followed by forehead area, and the chin is pointy. Ergo, the key is to add width to the forehead and chin area. Side-swept bangs can float your boat as they will help to add texture to forehead as well as width to the face. Since the jawline is masculine, you can also try long hairstyles where hair is tucked behind the ears to flaunt your bone structure. Don’t go too short on sides, and experiment with layers and deep side-parting.
You can also choose a hairstyle on basis of your hair’s texture and length. Be it curly hair or long wavy hair, there are a lot of ways you can experiment with your hair.

Men with long hair can also experiment with different hairstyles. Be it side parting or man buns, here’s are 8 hairstyles you can experiment with.

1. Side-undercut
Give your long hair an edgy makeover, try the side swept hairdo with an undercut. Be it shoulder length hair or shorter, this side-swept hairstyle will complement the undercut.

2. Silky straight
Go for a polished look with the silky and smooth hairstyle. All you need to do is use a hair straightener and smoothen out the locks to achieve this hairstyle.

3. Rough waves
If straight hair is too boring for you, then try the rough waves. All you need to do is use hair texturise and rub on your hair. Next, work the product with your fingers to get the look.

4. Hairband style
Who said hairbands are just for the girls? Take a cue from Ranveer Singh to work long hair with a sleek hairband.

5. Messy bun
Another way to experiment with long hair is a bun. From half bun hairdo to messy buns, let your bun do the talking.

6. Ponytail
A high ponytail wouldn’t be your best bet, instead, try a sleek and low pony at the nape of your neck.

7. Centre partition
Think Jared Leto for this hairstyle. All you need to do is use a tail comb and create a centre partition. For glossy locks, you can also spritz some shining spray.

8. Highlights
Long hair creates a lot more scope for hair colours. Try highlights or colours in gradation to update your look.

Short hair
Just like long hair, you can experiment with short hair too. Here are 5 hairstyles you can try:

1. Buzzcut
If you love no maintenance hair, then this haircut is perfect for you. You can even try it at home sans a salon visit. There are a lot of ways you can experiment with this hairdo

– Crew Cut
The most popular buzzcut is this one. This haircut has shorter sides and a longer top in comparison. From David Beckham to Shahid Kapoor, everyone has sported this haircut.

– Flat Top
Another type of the crew cut is the flat top hairdo. Here, the style is a long variation of the above. The flat top is usually styled and tamed with wax or pomade.

– Burr Cut
This style is an extreme version of the buzz cut. The cut is done with a clipper and the hair is really short.

2. Taper cut
This style is about thicker hair on the top and fading length on the sides. This hairstyle needs maintenance with styling the hair on the top.

3. Sidecut
One of the most classy haircuts is the sidecut hairdo. Here, the hair is divided with a side cut and the rest of the hair is style sideways.

4. Side undercut
One of the most popular hairstyles currently is this side undercut. This hairstyle is about getting undercut or buzz on one side and the rest of the hair is styled sideways.

5. Low fade haircut
In this hairstyle, the hair gets shorter at the end. The style is about messy and wavy hair on the top and faded trims below.

Curly hair and wavy hair
Thick and curly hair may seem tricky to try new hairstyles, but it isn’t. There are a lot of ways you can experiment with thick and curly hair.

1. Long top
This hairstyle is about longer waves at the top and shorter hair at the back. You can style your hair by rubbing some pomade and wax on the top.

2. Curly quiff
This style is about shorter hair on the sides and even the back. The hair on the top needs to longer and styled upwards or sideways. If you want to maintain the texture of your hair, then you can define your curls by twisting and scrunching.

3. Slicked back
For a clean and polished look, style your hair using a medium-hod pomade. Work the pomade on your through the fingers pushing it backwards. Keep doing this till you get the desired style.

5. Wavy bob
If you have shoulder-length hair, then you can try the wavy and thick hairstyle. Style your hair using a hair texturizer and scrunch your hair to get rough waves.

6. Curly bun
This hairstyle looks good with wavy and curly hair is the bun. Try a matte finish clay for the front of the hair and loosely tie a rough bun to get this look.

7. Wavy bangs
For this look, you would need a longer top at the front and shorter sides. You can also sport an undercut on the side or a burr cut at the ends.


15 easy hairstyle for every hair type!

Trying a new hairstyle for work isn’t that time consuming as you may think it is. And hairstyles never go out of fashion and that’s why one must experiment. From a classy bun to braided updo, there are many hairstyles that you can try for work, parties and even those casual outings. We’ve got you a list of no-fuss hairstyles that can be easily done at home.
Here are the easiest hairstyles that you can try in less than 10 minutes.

Curly ponytail : A ponytail is the easiest hairstyle you can try
Wondering how to make it different? Try a curled one. Here’s what you need to do: Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, securing it with elastic. Now, divide the ponytail into 2-3 sections and start curling it section by section. And then secure these curls with a strong holding spray.

Another easy to DIY hairstyle is the sleek straight hair
Another easy hairstyle is the sleek straight hair. For this hairdo, create a centre-parting and straighten your hair inwards, from both the sides. This easy style will make you look posh in less than 5 minutes.

Half bun, half ponytail : This hairdo can be done on your way to work too
All you need to do is pull your ponytail through the elastic twice. And then for the third time, only pass the ponytail halfway through the elastic, to achieve the look.

Easy to make top knot
For a sleek top knot, comb your hair neatly. Once, you’ve combed back your hair, make a high ponytail. Now twist this ponytail around the base and secure it with pins. You can also add an eye-catching hair band to elevate this style.

Make your hair wavy overnight by this hack
If you’re bored with your straight locks and have zero time in the morning, then this hack is for you! To get effortless waves, braid your hair overnight. If you want your hair to be smooth from the top, braid your hair only from the ear-level. And in the morning, open these braids and run your fingers through to smooth out the waves. To keep this hairdo in place, don’t forget to spritz some holding spray.

Braided front top knot for all those who love braids
This hairstyle might look tough to create, but it’s an easy hairstyle to try in the morning. All you need to do is make three tight braids at the front. Now pull back all your hair (including the braids) into a ponytail and later twisting it into a top bun.

The low bun: This chic hairstyle goes with western as well as traditional attire
For this hairdo, make a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Once you’ve tied the ponytail, start twisting it around the base, to make a sleek low bun.

Twisted and twirled hairstyle that can be done under 5 minutes flat
If you like to experiment with open hair, then this hairstyle is for you! Create a centre-parting and take one-inch hair from both sides. Now twist these sections at the back with a pin to achieve the look. Jazz up this look with a flashy hair accessory.

Twisted updo: This hairdo might look like a professional’s work but it can be easily done at home.
For this hairstyle, divide your hair into 2-3 parts according to your hair’s thickness. Now braid these section from the neck level, securing them a clear elastic band. Now twist and roll each braid into a bun, securing all with bobby pins.

Easy slick-back: Rely on this clean look if you’re a fan of the wet hair look.
All you need to do is run some gel on your hair from the hairline to crown. Make sure you use less gel and spread evenly. Later, use a wide-tooth comb to neatly comb back your hair.

Single braid: Upgrade your ponytail with style
Try a single braid is you’re bored with the basic ponytail. From the loose side braid to the fishtail one, try your hands on this hairdo and get ready in no time.

Try the low loop ponytail and give your ponytail a new makeover
Prep you hair with a smoothening serum or cream and make a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Now, flip the pony up and secure it with elastic. To give it a fancy twist, tie it with a ribbon.

Side parting: The easiest way to glam your look is to try the deep side parting.
For this style, use a tail comb to create a side parting and pin the other side for a sleeker look.

The half top knot bun: This hairstyle works with any hair length and can be done under a minute.
All you need to do is separate the top half of your hair. Now twist this section into a bun, securing it with a clear elastic.

Give your top knot a braided twist!
The top knot hairstyle has many variations including the braided one. For the braided top knot, make a high ponytail. Now, divide this pony into two sections and braiding each. Next, start twisting the braids at the base one by one. Secure these braids with bobby pins to achieve this braided updo.


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A Look At How MS Dhoni’s Fortunes And Hairstyles Changed During The Course Of His Career

His career has had its ups and downs and the hairstyles have changed accordingly. Not that they have an impact on his form but they are that much a part of his identity as a player. Let’s take a look:

In 2005 he was the new kid on the block and was smashing bowlers at will. By the start of 2006 his long hair became a fashion statement that even Pakistan’s president advised him not to cut it.

In 2006, when he was slowly building a legacy in ODIs this look was one he maintained particularly during the Champions Trophy

Dhoni was a media icon by 2007 and was a brand in himself. His hipster look was good for his image even as he was acknowledged as one of the best wicketkeeper batsmen around. It was around this time he got the T20I and ODI captaincy. Becoming the skipper in Tests would follow in 2008.

After he led India to the World Cup win he shaved his head completely for religious reasons. In fact the photo of him holding the trophy with his bald head is one which is well remembered.

During the 2013 IPL he had this unique hairstyle. Dhoni was already coming back into form at international level as he led CSK to the final. This look was not there for long though as he went back to conventional appearances.

When he quit Tests in 2014, at a time people were criticising him in the longest format, this was his look.

Since giving up the captaincy, Dhoni has maintained a mature exterior. He is now the elder statesman in the side and in the twilight of his career. Nonetheless Captain Cool has an air of calm and the current look seems to do him good.

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5 summer hairstyles to beat the heat

If you don’t want to tie your hair entirely, then hairstyle will do the trick. Take half of your hair from the front and tie it into a ponytail or bun. This way you can keep your hair off your face and still stylish.
Give your basic ponytail a volume boost. To get a high volume at the front, use a root lifter spray on the front and tie a ponytail. This hairstyle is perfect for long and even thick hair.
If you have thin hair, you can give your hair more style and volume with this hairdo. Keep your hair on one side and braid your hair. Once you have braided, you can pull the braid from both sides to give it more volume.
If your hair gets oily in a day, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. Neatly comb back your hair into a high bun and let the flyaways be, for a breezy feel. This way, your oily hair will give you a sleeker look.
If you don’t want to chop your hair but want to experiment with your long tresses, then this faux bob hairdo is for you! To get this hairstyle, make a low ponytail and tuck it underneath with help of some bobby pins. You can also pull out a few strands for that easy-breezy look.


When the heat becomes unbearable, it means that it’s time to keep your hair cool and off your face. Be it outdoor events or a trip, it’s best to keep your hairstyle comfortable during the harsh weather. Forget sweaty and greasy hair this summer with these five awesome hairstyles. From the simple bun to the high-volume ponytail, these hairstyles are best for the uncooperative weather:



On World Tattoo Day today, here’s a look at how people in the city are getting inked

It’s the sign of the times. You love someone? Say it with a tattoo. You’ve broken up, there’s a tat for that, too! Folks who love football have the sport running not just through their veins, but also on their hands via an inking and for some, it’s the craving for sassy graffiti that has them queuing up at a tattoo parlour. On World Tattoo Day today, BT takes a look a Mumbaikars who’ve worn their love for the skin art, literally, on their sleeves, with myriad designs — 3D, dot work designs, geometrics, water colour tattoos, realistic ones, and more.


Sunny Bhanushali, who’s been in the tattoo business for close to a decade, affirms that tattoo love is only growing. “Even five years ago, no one did realism tattoos in India. Tattoo artists just made ones with thick outlines and shading. But realistic tattoos are big now — these tattoos have 3D elements and mimic an actual photograph. Dot work and line geometrical ones are also in. Spiritual tattoos like chakras and say, an aura, are also big. Calling it an extension of their minds, people feel connected to their tattoo. Today, clients seek out a design of their choice online and ask for the same. ”

Arun Alva, tattoo artist of a Bandra-based parlour, says that people use their tattoo to flaunt the things they like. “It’s like putting your hobby or passion out there for everyone to see. Girls go for words like ‘wanderlust’ in simple type font on their wrists and ankles. A popular design would be a paper plane flying out of a scenery. Minimalistic tattoos with just a single word is big, too. ” He adds that there is also a resurgence of the mandala. “It’s combined with a wolf and lotus — almost cult-like in design. Some are inspired by Game of Thrones. What doesn’t work are glow-in-thedark tattoos. They are just meant for parties and wear off easily,” he says.


Jason Mathew has been asked to take off his shirt more than he’s ever been asked his name. The 27-year-old Bandra resident has a whopping 521 tattoos! “And counting,” he grins, adding, “I get that request many times. In my studio and at parties, I am often asked to take off my shirt and I oblige.” Among numerous tattoos covering his body, 442 are just logos. Ask him why and he says, “We are surrounded by brands wherever we go, they are a part of our lives now, can’t escape them.” Besides the aesthetics, the tattoos also double up as a timeline of his life. “They depict my bicycle, my first mobile phone, my fave TV channel and so on. Of course, the special one is my first tattoo — a skull design that I got way back in 2007. “Skulls were huge back then,” he explains. Jason’s penchant for inking led to his entry in a record book thrice — in 2014 for 144 tattoos, in 2015 for 177 tattoos and 2017, for getting 100 logos in 10 days.

Needless to add, the hobby cost Jason a neat bundle. “I’ve spent around five lakhs so far, but it’s worth it,” he says.

You’d think that after 500-odd designs, it must be a cakewalk for him to sit through the process, but, no, he still gets the heebie-jeebies each time he gets a tat done. “I still get scared before undergoing a tattoo, but I guess I am more mentally prepared, now,” he says. His next? “It may be in the armpits. It will be a pattern design as that stays for long,” he reveals.

Any pearls of wisdom for tattoo buffs like him?

“Why get celebrity pictures tattooed on your bodies? Or even bother to copy their tattoo designs?” asks Jason, with a parting shot, “A tattoo should be unique, so wear your own style!”


Supermodel Behati Prinsloo wore an engagement tattoo of three dots that ran vertically down her ring finger and it went viral! Singer Ariana Grande also got an engagement love tat with the name ‘Pete Davidson’ written above her ring finger. Back home too, Mumbaikars have gotten ring tats.


6 Signs in her body language that indicate she is interested in you

6 Signs in her body language that indicate she is interested in you

6 Signs in her body language that indicate she is interested in you

If you’ve ever been around women, you’d notice they talk a lot and not always through words. It’s a known fact that women often emote through body language and if you can figure the signs out clearly, you can figure out women, too. However, most men don’t understand the subtle or unsubtle signs women give away through their body, ergo missing out on the most vital indicators of whether they like you or not, or are even remotely interested in you.

Before you start reading her body language though, make eye contact with her. If she’s making a good amount of eye contact, that’s the first indicator to find out if she’s interested in you at all. If it looks positive, then you should read her body language more accurately for some more positive signs.

Here are six basic, yet obvious, giveaways on how women react through their body language if they’re interested in you…


When women try and act flirtatious with you, their hand automatically goes to their hair and they start twirling it around or swiftly move them with their fingers. It either means she’s attracted to you or that she’s in the mood to flirt around a little. Whatever it is, women playing with their hair, while talking to you is a good sign.


If you see her smiling genuinely at you, that’s another strong indicator. If her smile is forced or looks courteous, where she’s not showing any teeth and the smile seems tight, then she’s just being polite, but if you find her grinning from cheek to cheek, she’s definitely attracted to you, or at least wants to get to know you.


Lip biting could be a sign of nervousness and if you find her doing it while she’s talking to you, then you know she’s as interested in talking to you as you are in her. This is a very subconscious attempt to get your attention.


When you’re having a conversation with her, see how she is standing. If her arms are relaxed and she’s facing you, that’s a positive sign. If she’s not interested in you, she’ll stand in a manner that may not be facing all of her towards you. She will also have her arms crossed and have minimal eye contact with you. Those are definitely signs that she’s not interested.


By touch we mean, if she’s placing her hand on your shoulders while talking to you, that’s definitely a sign of her flirting with you. Sometimes women also touch themselves unknowingly (no, not what you’re thinking!), to calm their excitement. She may rub her thighs or her arms or keep crossing or non-crossing her legs either out of excitement or sheer nervousness.


Mirroring is a very positive sign with body language. Mirroring is when she is imitating your actions subconsciously. Which means, you’ve taken the lead and she’s quite into you by now. So, if you pick up your drink, she’ll pick up hers or if you cross your legs, she’ll cross hers.

So, if you’ve just met her and are unsure if she likes you or not, just look out for these subtle and unsubtle body language signs and you’ll have your answers right there and then.