The best travel pictures of 2016


The best travel pictures of 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Fireworks light up the sky over Copacabana beach during New Year’s Eve celebrations, on Jan. 1.
Scheveningen, Netherlands
People with colourful wooly hats and swimming caps take part in the traditional New Year’s dive, or Nieuwjaarsduik, on Jan. 1.
Dubai, U.A.E.
Fireworks light up the Burj Khalifa skyscraper during New Year celebrations.
Pathum Thani Province, Thailand
Buddhist monks begin their pilgrimage during the fifth annual Dhammachai Dhutanaga on Jan. 2, where they journey on foot, across the provinces of Pathum Thani, Nontha Buri, Suphan Buri, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Sakhon, Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya and Bangkok Metropolitan.
Harbin, China
People walk around ice sculptures during the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival on Jan. 5.
Berlin, Germany
Members of an ice swimming club take a dip in the Orankesee lake during the annual carnival swimming meeting on Jan. 9.
Kolkata, India
A Hindu devotee dressed as the goddess Kali begs for alms at Gangasagar Island on Jan. 12.
London, U.K.
The Light of the Spirit project by artist Patrice Warrener is exhibited at Westminster Abbey during the Lumiere London light festival on Jan. 16
San Bartolomé de Pinares, Spain
A man rides a horse through a bonfire as part of a ritual in honor of Saint Anthony the Abbot, the patron saint of domestic animals, on Jan. 16.
Piornal, Spain
People throw turnips at a man dressed as the devil-like character Jarramplas, as he makes his way through the streets beating a drum during the Jarramplas festival on Jan. 20.
Faridabad, India
Artists from Telangana perform traditional dance during a press preview of the 30th International Surajkund Art Crafts Mela on Jan. 31.
Ivrea, Italy
A participant is hit by an orange during the annual carnival battle on Feb. 7. Traditionally a group of men ride in a horse-drawn carriage and pelt ‘foot soldiers’ with oranges as thousands of people gather to re-enact a Middle Age battle when the townsfolk overthrew an evil king.
Triunfo, Brazil
A man wearing a mask, locally known as a Careta, performs in the street during Carnival on Feb. 8.
Laza, Spain
Revellers participate in a flour fight during the week-long “O Entroido” festival on Feb. 8.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
Performers from the Portela samba school during Carnival celebrations on Feb. 9.
Guizhou, China
A child plays with a drum before a new year ritual at Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture on Feb. 9.
Wuhan, China
People burn incense to worship the God of Fortune at Guiyuan Temple on the fifth day of Chinese Lunar New Year on Feb. 12.
La Paz, Bolivia
A man dressed as Chuta and a woman representing Chola dance as part of the carnival celebrations on Feb. 14. The Bolivian festivity comes to an end with the symbolic burial of Chuta, Chola and Pepino, the main beloved carnival characters who represent gaiety and never tire of dancing.
Allahabad, India
Hindu priests hold traditional incense lamps as they perform a ritual known as “aarti” on the banks of Sangam – the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati rivers – during the annual religious festival of Magh Mela on Feb. 14.
Kathmandu, Nepal
Hindu devotees take part in a bathing ritual on the last day of the month-long Swasthani festival in the Hanumante River at Bhaktapur on the outskirts of Kathmandu on Feb. 22, 2016. Devotees mark the festival with fasting, and with women in particular undertaking rituals in the hope of prosperity and conjugal happiness.
Taijiang, China
Ethnic Miao people celebrate the lantern festival with fireworks on Feb. 22.
Taipei, Taiwan
Hundreds of people release lanterns into the air in hope of good fortune and prosperity at the traditional lantern festival during the Chinese New Year on Feb. 22.
Zheleznogorsk, Russia
Spectators watch hundreds of skiers descend from a slope while holding lit torches on Feb. 27. Local residents organise the annual winter torch festival to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle.
Dubai, U.A.E.
A woman enjoys the sun as hundreds of kites soar through the sky at the Jumeirah beach during an international kite festival on March 19.
Mogpog, Philippines
Penitents wearing masks, known locally as “Moriones,” take a selfie during the start of Holy Week celebrations on March 21.
Berck, France
Kites take flight during the 30th International Kite Festival on April 10.
Agartala, India
A Hindu girl has her face painted before taking part in a ritual during the annual Shiva Gajan festival on April 12.
Moscow, Russia
People release balloons with the likeness of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, during a gathering to mark the Cosmonautics Day near the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics on April 12.
Thimphu, Bhutan
Young monks take a break from their studies at Changangkha Lhakhang temple on April 13.
Bangkok, Thailand
A woman is drenched during a water fight at Songkran Festival celebrations on April 13.
Allahabad, India
An Indian man dressed as the Hindu goddess Kali participates in a procession to celebrate the Ram Navami festival on April 15.
Jinghong, China
People enjoy during the water-sprinkling festival at a square on April 15.
Pathum Thani, Thailand
Over 100,000 Buddhist monks and novices gather to receive alms at Wat Phra Dhammakaya temple on April 22.
Kiev, Ukraine
Revelers during the pillow fight day on April 24.
Çanakkale, Turkey
Visitors from Australia and New Zealand attend a dawn ceremony marking the 101st anniversary of the World War I battle of Gallipoli at Anzac Cove on April 25.
London, U.K.
An owner adjusts flags on his boat during the Inland Waterways Association’s annual Canalway Cavalcade festival, at Little Venice, on May 2.
Seoul, South Korea
Two boys smile after having their heads shaved during a service to celebrate Lord Buddha’s 2,560th birthday on May 14, at the Jogyesa Temple.
Oceanside, California
People of all ages attend the Hindu celebration of Holi, or the festival of colors on May 14.
Venice, Italy
Rowers enter the Cannaregio canal during the 42nd Venice Vogalonga on May 15.
Patan, Nepal
Shot with a long exposure, the photograph shows devotees walking in circles while pulling a 32-feet long wooden chariot during celebrations of the Matsyendranath or Rain god festival on May 17.
Magelang, Indonesia
Lanterns fly in the air at Borobudur temple during celebrations for Vesak Day on May 21. The festival commemorates the birth, enlightenment (nirvāna), and death (Parinirvāna) of Gautama Buddha.
London, U.K.
A view from the Chelsea Flower Show in front of the Royal Hospital on May 22.
Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, China
Terraces surrounded by fog in Fengmu Village on May 24.
Sydney, Australia
A visitor takes a photo of the “Cathedral of Light” installations at the Royal Botanic Gardens on May 25.
Nablus, West Bank
Palestinian Muslims pass an entrance to the old city, decorated with colorful umbrellas, as they welcome the fasting month of Ramadan on June 4.
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Participants run through colored powder during the YARKOcross colour run race on June 5.
Sutamarchán, Colombia
People participate in the tenth annual tomato fight festival, known as “La Tomatina,” on June 5.
Medan, Indonesia
Students sit in circles during a Quran recital class on the first day of the holy fasting month of Ramadan at Ar-Raudlatul Hasanah Islamic boarding school on June 6.
Lake Iseo, Italy
People walk on the installation entitled “The Floating Piers,” created by artist Christo Vladimirov Javacheff, on June 18.
Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Fireworks during the 20th annual Electric Daisy Carnival at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on June 18.
Sydney, Australia
Camels arrive at Bondi Beach as part of the Bondi Winter Magic Festival on June 19.
London, U.K.
Hot air balloons fly over the city skyline on June 19.
Bursa, Turkey
Whirling dervishes perform during the fasting month of Ramadan at Karabas-i Veli Dervish Convent Cultural Center on June 19.
New York City, New York, U.S.
Participants practice yoga at Times Square on June 20.
Sydney, Australia
Participants on International Yoga Day at Sydney Harbor Bridge on June 21.
Wiltshire, U.K.
Revellers gather at Stonehenge to celebrate the Summer Solstice on June 21.
St. Petersburg, Russia
People watch a frigate with red sails on the Neva River during a rehearsal of “Scarlet Sails” festivities, marking school graduation, on June 24.
Bydgoszcz, Poland
People take part in an attempt to break the Guinness world record for playing the biggest drum in the world, on June 25.
Jabalia, Gaza City
Palestinian youths play with fireworks as they celebrate during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Jabalia refugee camp on June 26.
Ahmedabad, India
A Hindu devotee performs a stunt with fire during a rehearsal for the annual Rath Yatra, or chariot procession, on June 26.
Pamplona, Spain
Revellers spray drinks as they enjoy the atmosphere during a bullfight on the third day of the San Fermin Running of the Bulls festival on July 8.
Mount Buller, Australia
Australian freestyle skier athlete Anton Grimus takes to the slopes on July 11.
Minamiboso, Japan
Fireworks light up the sky over a port during the first day of the Ama Matsuri festival on July 16.
Boryeong, South Korea
Festival-goers at the annual Boryeong Mud Festival at Daecheon Beach on July 16.
Brighton, U.K.
A member of British Airways staff looks out of the i360 passenger pod during a press preview on August 2, 2016 in Brighton, England. The British Airways i360, designed by David Marks and Julia Barfield, is the world’s tallest moving observation tower, standing at 162 m (531 ft).
Barcelona, Spain
Castellers (people who build human towers in Catalan) celebrate during Les Festes de Gràcia on Aug. 20.
Budapest, Hungary
Fireworks over the Danube River during St. Stephen’s Day on Aug. 20.
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Participants hold smoke flares as they slide down a chute to cross a pool of water and foam during the Letniy Gornoluzhnik festival at the Bobroviy Log Fun Park on Aug. 21.
Pyongyang, North Korea
A waitress is silhouetted against an advertisement board as she carries jugs of beer during the Taedonggang Beer Festival on Aug. 21.
Barcelona, Spain
Children in devil costumes dance beneath exploding fireworks during the “correfocs” fire-runs at the end of the Festa Major de Gràcia, on Aug. 21.
St. Julian’s, Malta
A child tries to grab a flag on the gostra, a pole covered in grease, during the religious feast of St. Julian on Aug. 27.
Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland
Remo Schuler throws an Unspunnen Stone, weighing 184 pounds (83.5 kg), during the Federal Alpine Wrestling Festival on Aug. 28.
Tokyo, Japan
A youngster tackles a sumo wrestler during the Hakkiyoi KITTE Sumo event, on Aug. 28.
London, U.K.
Police look on as a performer dances during the Notting Hill Carnival on Aug. 29.
Buñol, Spain
Crowds of people throw tomatoes at each other during the annual “Tomatina” festival on Aug. 31.
Morecambe, U.K.
Performer Morag, of The Tea Ladies, entertains children during the Vintage By The Sea Festival on Sept. 3.
New York City, New York, U.S.
Celebrants participate in the annual West Indian Day Parade on Sept.5.
Ahuachapán, El Salvador
A girl dressed as the Virgin Mary poses for a photo during the Lantern Festival celebrating the eve of the Nativity of Mary on Sept. 7.
Wiltshire, U.K.
Hot air balloons light up the grounds at the Longleat hot air balloon Night Glow Event on Sept. 17.
Sydney, Australia
Australian knight Philip Leitch (R) has a floral basket on his helmet smashed by an opponent at the St. Ives Medieval Fair in Sydney, on Sept. 25.

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Bollywood actresses, who are under 30 and single

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Hair hacks for the rainy season

Wave farewell to wind-whipped frizz and humidity affected horror locks -hair experts reveal how to keep your hair happy and well behaved this season. From prepping before you step out, to easy updos and protecting your locks during rainy days, here are some top tips to ensure your hair looks gorgeous.Get your hair trimmed

If you don’t get rid of broken ends in advance, the effects of monsoon will make splits travel further and faster up your hair. Taking off all the dead ends will help seal your hair against damage and also make it much easier to manage.

Wear sunscreen in your hair

If your hair is coloured, it’s important to shield it from the sun’s rays as they literally act like bleach. Using suncream in your hair is even better than a specific hair SPF spray because it absorbs easily into the hair and acts like a styling product, enhancing your natural texture.

Colour at least a week before a big event

Avoid booking a last minute emergency appointment. Dye will damage the surface of your hair and the last thing it needs is for you go outdoors. If your roots are truly unbearable, you could do a DIY parting-only touch up.

Strengthen your hair

If your hair is packed with moisture, it’ll absorb fewer drying and discolouring minerals especially if you decide to go swimming. Add in a good treatment mask to your regime and try to lay off dehydrating heat styling for a day or two.

Opt for a top knot during the day

A top knot is the perfect day hair style.Plus, it looks elegant as it elongates your neck. To do it, tip your head upside and use a hairspray to help you scoop up all the hair. Put it all into a `pineapple’ on top of your head and secure with a band, but don’t pull it too tight or it’ll give you a headache.Then twist it round and until it folds in on itself, pin with three kirby grips and spray one last time.

Tie hair up safely

Don’t use waxed bands -or worse still -an actual rubber band to tie your hair. This results in your hair `snapping’, which might need an emergency fringe cut to disguise the damage.Always use a soft, stretchy hairband.

Oil hair before every wash

Dandruff increases during monsoon thanks to excess humidity . Hence, keep itchiness at bay by regularly applying oil on your scalp and leaving it overnight. Neem oil, especially , is said to be very effective in battling dandruff. Let your hair dry naturally after washing it and avoid using a hair straightener unless absolutely necessary .

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Party streamers can lend your hair a temporary hue


Remember those streamers that are generally used in birthday parties?
Now, once the party is over, don’t throw them away as you can use them to colour your hair.Yes, you can dye your hair in less than an hour, without spending much, using crepe or tissue paper that is easily avail able in craft stores. This particular process of dyeing hair has become a rage among fashionistas, who prefer to have temporary hair colour that lasts anywhere between three and seven days. The best part is that the process is not as harmful as bleaching the hair. Just remember to use gloves so that you don’t stain your hands.

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T he Bingo 50 sports a great build quality complete with a sandstone-finish curved back cover and a solid metal frame. What you , also get is a device that runs the newest version of Android: Marshmallow, and a feature called Turbo Download that allows you to combine your Wi-Fi connection along with your 3G or 4G networks for better speeds.

The Bingo 50’s screen is crisp, is visible outdoors under sunlight, and colours are rendered vibrantly . Its camera app comes with a Normal (with HDR) and Panorama mode ­ and within its settings menu, you can also select `beautification’ for selfies, adjust exposure, white balance, and even choose between 14 scene modes, including sunset, party , portrait, night, sports, and fireworks. Macro images shot with this device are quite sharp with just the right amount of depth for the background.Overall, both 8MP cameras shoot pictures that are soft on detail, but their output is good enough to share on social networks.

When it comes to performance, the Bingo 50 works just as well as the Coolpad Note 3 Lite, and while it posts average scores in benchmark tests, the handset is still capable of running Full HD movies and games like Asphalt 8.

On the downside, auto-rotation on this handset does not work. If you change the orientation of the device when watching a movie, browsing the web or photos, it simply does not respond. Also, after selecting a numerical lock during setup, we weren’t able to switch to pattern unlock until we reset the device. This was eventually resolved, but a firmware upgrade might be required to deal with these niggling issues, and perhaps to also make the handling of OTG drives simpler via a better file browsermanager. Lastly, the sound through headphones and speakers is rather underwhelming. On paper, the Bingo 50 holds a lot of promise, but doesn’t quite deliver yet.

SPECS: 5-inch (1280x720px) display | 1.3GHz MTK6735 quad-core processor | 3GB RAM | 16GB storage, microSD, USB OTG | 8MP (LED flash), 8MP cameras | Dual SIM | 2500mAh battery PRICE Rs.7,499 RATING 5/10


You can purchase here



On February 20, Techtonic reviewed the LeEco Le 1s (Rated 7.5, Rs.10,999), and the Honor 5X (Rated 6.5, Rs.12,999). Both these devices are still worth your consideration. Second only to the Mi Note 3 in performance, the Le 1s promises value for money: it sports a metal body, looks fantastic, you get 32GB of storage, and its fingerprint scanner adds an extra layer of security. This device works smoothly when it comes to productivity, as well as performance in gaming and multimedia.

The Honor 5X also boasts of a metal body, looks just as good, and comes with a fingerprint scanner ­ and while it is not in the same performance class as the Mi Note 3 and the LeEco Le 1s, you get a stellar battery life of over a day and a half on a single charge.


Techtonic uses a detailed rating system that takes into consideration various criteria such as device build quality and design, hardware and software features, user experience and even price when reviewing products. Points are awarded and sometimes even deducted from total scores based on this system to arrive at a final score. Below 5: The product is poor and doesn’t offer the experience it promises. 5 and 6: The device works. 7: It is very good. 8: The product is fantastic; super value for money. 9: The product is exceptional. 10: You’re kidding, right?


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T he Lava V2 3GB sports a slim profile like the Meizu M2. Its glossy back panel and smooth side metal frame makes it look good, but also slippery to hold. The handset runs on the latest Android Marshmallow with minimal customization. You get basic features like a call recorder, Turbo Download to combine your Wi-Fi speeds with 3G4G for faster downloads, a smart lock screen, and hassle-free USB OTG drive support. Its scratch-resistant display is bright, renders vivid colours and crisp text that is viewable from wide angles.

The V2 is capable of smoothly running games like Asphalt 8, Frontline Commando and even high-definition movie content. That said, its audio output sounds relatively flat and is not as good as the Asus ZenFone Max. Its battery, which requires a recharge before the day is done, also failed to impress.

Now while the V2’s rear camera is capable of taking good photographs in well-lit environs, quality takes a hit in low-light: photos are plagued with excessive grain and softening of details. That said, it worked well for macro photos. Also, its selfie camera is accompanied with a front-facing flash, allowing for better exposure in low light. Indeed, the Lava V2 3GB’s pocketfriendly form factor is its mainstay , but it could have been a much better phone if not for its middling battery life.

SPECS: 5-inch (1280x720px) scratch-resistant display | 1.3GHz MT6735 PRICE RATING quad-core processor | 3GB RAM | 16GB storage, microSD, USB OTG | 13MP (dual LED flash), 8MP cameras | Dual SIM | 2500mAh battery Rs.10,750

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T he Vibe P1m’s body is covered with a hydrophobic nano-coating to protect against accidental spills and water splashes. It feels bulkier than the Lava V2 3GB and Meizu M2, but its rubberized back panel offers better grip. You also get a vibrant screen with wide viewing angles.

Like the Asus ZenFone Max, the P1m comes with a battery that gives you more than a day’s worth of work done on a single charge, as well as the ability to charge other devices via an OTG cable. You also get a fast charger that replenishes the battery in a few hours. The P1m sports a dedicated toggle switch on its side which lets you switch the phone into a power-saving mode. In this mode, the handset turns into a feature phone, providing access to essential functions like phone, dialler, text messenger, contacts, calculator, etc.

The device handles productivity tasks, Full HD movies, as well as the odd 3D game. However, there were noticeable delays in launching resource intensive apps and switching between multiple tasks.

On the imaging front, the Vibe P1m’s cameras are average. You get 14 preset scene modes (night, sunset, party , fireworks…), but the results don’t appear sharp. Even focusing on subjects is a bit slow.

Its speaker is loud, allowing for clear hands-free calls and music via earphones sounds well-balanced with adequate bass. All in all, the Vibe P1m is a good alternative to the year-old Moto E, which also comes with a water resistant build.

SPECS: 5-inch (1280x720px) display | 1GHz MT6735P quad-core PRICE RATING processor | 2GB RAM | 16GB storage, microSD, USB OTG | 8MP (LED flash), 5MP cameras | Dual SIM | 3900mAh battery Rs.7,999

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T he Note 3 Lite is a low-price handset, but its solid plastic build quality , 16GB of internal storage with support for microSD cards and crisp display belie its budget pricing. As a plus, you also get a fingerprint sensor for security .Here, multiple fingerprints can be configured for different tasks, for instance to click a picture or to activate features like voice recording and even apps.

On the downside, The Note 3 Lite’s USB OTG is a hit-and-miss affair. In certain instances, the device recognized when a pen drive was plugged in, but couldn’t read its contents. Hopefully , this is something that will be fixed with firmware upgrades from Coolpad.

Performance-wise, the Note 3 Lite posts average scores in benchmark tests, but this is no indicator of its capabilities. The handset runs Full HD movies and 3D games like Asphalt 8: Airborne without any problems, and it also works well as a music player with its balanced sound output.

Its camera app comes with a beauty mode for selfie photos and videos, a Pro mode where you can manually adjust exposure, aperture and ISO; a dozen image filters and an Edit feature that lets you post-process your snapshots.The Note 3 Lite’s rear shooter is capable of good macro photos, though selfies appear soft and snapshots in incandescent lighting suffer from grain and loss of detail. That said, what you get is a device that gives you about a day’s use on a full battery , and which delivers basic smartphone functionality without breaking the bank.

SPECS: 5-inch (1280x720px) lami nated display | 1.3GHz MT6735 quad core processor | 3GB RAM | 16GB storage, microSD, USB OTG | 13MP (LED flash), 5MP cameras | Dual SIM | 2500mAh battery PRICE Rs.6,999 RATING 610


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T he Max packs in a 5000mAh battery gives you over two day’s of use. Addition , which ally, you can use its battery to charge another device via the USB OTG cable included in the box.

Build-wise, this handset is a solid allplastic affair, and its curved back makes it easier to grip and operate. The Max’s display is bright and renders vibrant colours, though it is not as crisp as the Redmi’s Full HD display .

Its rear camera is capable of capturing fair amount of detail in well-lit environs. However, shots taken in dim light appear soft due to heavy noise. Photos taken with the front camera are average and good enough for sharing on the web only . You also get a bunch of creative shooting modes that let you create GIF animations, panoramas, time lapse and slow-motion videos.

On the audio front, the Max delivers clear output to the earphones. A dedicated graphic equalizer tool lets you tweak the final sound to your preferences.

You also get a customized user interface, which does not slow the device down and includes a number of useful features like a onehanded mode, call recording, and colour profiles.This phone suits those folk who need an affordable device for personal entertainment, with a good battery life.

SPECS: 5.5-inch (1280x720px) laminated display | 1.2GHz Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor | 2GB RAM | 16GB storage, microSD, USB OTG | Dual SIM | 13MP (dual LED flash), 5MP cameras | 5000mAh battery PRICE Rs.9,999 RATING 6.510

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T he Mi Note 3 ticks all the right boxes when it comes to smartphone capabilities. It handles productivity tasks, Full HD movies and 3D games without any stutter, while music playback through headphones is balanced with just the right amount of lows, mids and highs, and it also gives you well over a day of battery life on a single charge.

Both its cameras are best in class. You can choose between three modes of beautification when shooting selfies, while the rear cam comes with a dozen shooting options, including panorama, twilight mode, timer, fish eye, tilt shift for that miniature effect, and even manual that allows you to choose between white balance settings and ISO depending on your lighting.Of course, you can also select from 16 visual filters to create just the right mood for your snapshots.

As a plus, the Mi Note 3 packs in an IR blaster that lets you configure it as a universal remote for international brands of ACs and TVs, a fingerprint sensor that works spiffily to unlock your device, and it even has a `night’ and `reading’ mode that makes its screen’s brightness easier on the eye. Displaywise, it is capable of crisp text, good visibility in sunlight, and vibrant colours.

The Mi Note 3 packs in the highest capacity of internal storage (in this review), which can be further expanded via microSD and USB OTG to store and seamlessly transfer your music, movies and photos. And, well, all of this is housed in an 8.6mm slim metal body that’s fronted by a fullylaminated screen.

SPECS: 5.5-inch (1920x1080px) display | 1.8GHz Snapdragon 650 PRICE RATING hexa-core processor | 3GB RAM | 32GB storage, microSD, USB OTG | 16MP (dual LED flash), 5MP cameras | Dual SIM | 4000mAh battery Rs.11,999

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