Hairstyles and him

Grooming today is as important to men as to women. The increasing number of unisex and men beauty salons in the city has further added to the consciousness quotient. When it comes to hairstyles, particularly, men have emerged as a new and confident breed, ready to experiment with the most trendy and cool styles. Here is a look at the latest trends in men hairdos prevalent in the city.

Funky Look

This one is the most in demand, and as the name suggests is a hot favourite among the young guys.

According to Naresh Rathore, hairstylist at Naturals, a well-known salon and spa in the city, funky hairstyles can be of different types and can be adopted for both long and short hair. However, the most common is where a spike look is given in the crown area and fringes on both the sides. Muna Thakur of Toppers, an exclusive men salon in the city, agrees. He feels many youngsters also opt for the asymmetrical and messy look though he points out that a lot of it depends on the face cut.

Korean Cut

Although the Korean cut again can be of different styles including the bob look, the most common and in fashion is the spiky Korean cut. Says Naresh, in such kind of a hairstyle, the cut for both the sides is medium short, while the spike look is carried over from front to back with the haircut ending in a V-shape at the bottom. This again, is a look, which mostly the young blood likes to sport.

Razor Sharp

A popular style among both men and women, razor cut is in demand for a long time now. Says Kunu Barik of Hairline, one of the oldest salons for men in the city, a proper razor cut means a lot of unlevelled hair which ends up giving a bouncy look as unlike regular clippers that just cut the hair off bluntly, a razor leaves the ends of the hair angled. This is another style that looks good in both long and short hair.

Professional Style

This is the most common hairstyle, particularly for all office-goers and middle-aged men. Says Naresh, office goers like to keep it simple. This kind of cut looks best in medium hair. In such a style, the sides are kept medium short, while the back also has medium hair length. However, the front has to have longer hair so that it can fall in a way to give a sophisticated look, he adds. “Many of these office goers actually do not experiment much with their hairdo and simply ask for a trim,” points out Muna.

Long n Cool

Although not too much in demand, this style hasn’t faded away either, particularly due to the influence of Bollywood. Although started by Sanjay Dutt, a lot of superstars including Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Hritik Roshan and even Shah Rukh Khan have had long hair in the recent times. Says Naresh, “for long hair, the best thing to do is a U-cut trimming followed by step cut with a lot of fringes and yes flicks in the front.”

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