Tucked hair is a shining example of something that requires minimum effort

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Tucked hair is a shining example of something that requires minimum effort. Take inspiration from celebrities to create your own version of this chic hair trend.

8 tucked-in hairstyles

8 tucked-in hairstyles

Sleek bun

Inspiration: Marion Cotillard
Why it works: It keeps voluminous hair in check and controls the frizz.
How to get it: Part your hair in the middle. Apply smoothening serum generously and brush through to tame the frizz. Gather up your mane, while keeping the ears covered, behind the nape of the neck and tuck it under into a bun. Use wiry pins to hold the hair in place in such a way that they are invisible. best for: Formal functions where you want to look sophisticated.

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Choker hairstyle
Inspiration: Cara Delevingne
Why it works: A heavy chain choker provides is a styling prop that promises to hold your hair while also serving as the ultimate accessory.
How to get it: Blowdry your hair after shampooing and apply a hairspray to lock in the strands. Wear a high-wattage choker over your mane, instead of under it, and you are set to turn heads.
Best for: Standing out at a party where making a statement is crucial.

Old Hollywood Updo
Inspiration: Cate Blanchett
Why it works: This hairstyle brings back old Hollywood glamour.
How to get it: Use heat styling tongs on your crowning glory to lend a sheen for that old Hollywood appearance. Instead of tying your mane in a loose bun, fold it inwards such that it gives the appearance of a chignon. Sweep the hair lightly to one side like a diva.
Best for: An evening event where you will be wearing a gown and having a formal updo.

Tucked in waves
Inspiration: Selena Gomez
Why it works: The style gives the illusion of a fresh mid-length haircut with an 80s vibe.
How to get it: Use a high shine spray after applying generous portions of serum. Side part and section the top of your mane into two. Twist the larger section slightly and pin it behind. Do the same for the other side. Tuck the rest of your hair under the nape of your neck and secure with wiry pins.
Best for: Faking a haircut when you are wearing an off-shoulder or backless dress and want a mid-length cut to show.

Fringe fun
Inspiration: Taylor Swift
Why it works: Akin to a French bob, this is girly yet sophisticated. This one’s only for girls with bangs.
How to get it: Use hair shine spray all over. Brush your bangs out for maximum shine. Bring the rest of your mane to the back of your head and create a 3-minute loose bun. Hold your hair like a loose pony. Take the end and pin it to the base. Secure at the sides with pins.
Best for: A Sunday brunch or a soiree that calls for easy chic styling.

Faux bob
Inspiration: Emma Watson
Why it works: Effortless and elegant, this will draw attention to your neck and give your tresses the 1920s retro treatment. How to get it: Blow-dry your hair with a round brush. Part your hair slightly over one side for a swept-over romantic style and tuck your hair underneath. Secure with bobby pins at the nape of your neck. Smooth your hair back behind your ears, secure with a large hair pin and hold in place with hairspray.
Best for: Dinner at a romantic restaurant or for date night.

Sweater tuck
Inspiration: Olivia Wilde
Why it works: It is the easiest way to hide your hair and fake a bob.
How to get it: Tuck your hair under cosy outerwear when the chill sets it. It will protect your hair from the breeze, and from fellow passenger’s arms on crowded commutes. Use this trick with oversized blazers, chunky knits and boyfriend coats. It will also keep you warmer, thanks to the insulating powers of your mane.
Best for: Commuting to work through public transport, or grocery shopping sprints.

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Messy bob
Inspiration: Kate Beckinsale
Why it works: Long hair gets an edgy look and thinning hair gets a load of volume with the messy bob.
How to get it: Tease your hair by backcombing it. Brush it outwards for extra volume. Do a centre parting at the crown. Bring only the hair ends together and hold them together with a thin band. Tuck in your mane, either into your neckpiece or roll it in and secure with pins. Run your hands through the upper portion of your hair and let a few wispy strands frame your face.
Best for: Glamorous parties bordering on casual.

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