5 things you need to remember while working out in summer

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It is summer and for those of you who are looking to sweat it out, this is surely the best time. However, one needs to take care while working out in summer because, exercising vigorously during this season can cause heat stress, strokes, nausea, headache and more importantly, dehydration. Here are a few things that one needs to remember while working out in summer…1

Keep yourself hydrated at all times: Make sure you take a bottle of water with you when ever you work out. Drink water before, during and after your workout so that you don’t ge dehydrated. Try and stay away from aerated drinks or caffinated beverages.


Choose the right time: Working out during the right time of the day can make all the difference. Try and work out when the sun’s radiation is minimal -either during early morning or early evening. It also helps a great deal if you exercise indoors as it reduces your exposure to the sun, thereby decreasing your chances of getting heat stroke. Go to the gym or join a zumba class. If you are a runner, run early in the morning or post sunset.


Wear loose, light-coloured clothes: Light coloured clothes reflect off the heat and wearing cotton clothes aids in the absorptio of sweat better. This is especially useful for people who workout outdoors. Make sure the clothes are not too tight either as they can cause discomfort and restrict breathing, especially during high intensity workouts. Also, if you are working out outside, make sure you wear sunscreen, with an SPF of 45 or higher.


Listen to your body, slow down: Hot humid days are not days to beat your own personal record on the treadmill. If you are going slower, it is not because you are not doing it right, it is the heat. So, listen to your body and slow down if need be. Even if you are hydrated, the heat can cause reduced blood flow, which can be the reason why you are slowing down.

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Stretch it out: Warm-ups exist for a reason.Although you may feel your muscles are already warm enough, don’t skip the stretches.Stretches help metabolise blood sugar, which thereby reduces fat storage and improves coordination.

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