Dig into healthy food for perfect nails

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The strength of nails is largely determined by one’s genes. However, a healthy and balanced diet is necessary for overall health and the general well being of the nails as well, say experts.Here’s a list of what you can eat to get strong nails:MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS LIKE YOGURT AND CHEESE:They are rich in calcium, biotin and proteins. Nail primarily comprises keratin, which is a protein. A protein-rich diet helps in strengthening this keratin matrix. Biotin and calcium help in strengthening the nail plate and make it less prone to cracking.


These food items are rich sources of zinc, which is a micronutrient that isn’t easily available in foods. Zinc deficiency is, therefore, common and can lead to brittle and fragile nails and also white spots on the nails.Eating roasted pumpkin seeds can provide a healthy dose of this micronutrient and prevent fragile nails.


It is a rich source of protein and helps in making the keratin of nails thicker and stronger. It also provides a rich source of biotin.However, raw eggs have a binder that binds to biotin and makes it nonabsorbable. People who consume large amounts of raw egg whites can, therefore, have biotin deficiency which can actually lead to brittle and fragile nails. Cooked egg whites are healthy and good for the nails.

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It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and also provides a healthy dose of proteins and sulphur.Salmon, mackerel, cod and sardine have high quantities of omega 3 fatty acids, which moisturises the nail bed and increases the suppleness of thin and brittle nails.Phosphorous and sulphur help in strengthening the nail.


Liver from non-vegetarian sources is rich in iron. Deficiency of iron is particularly common among vegetarians as vegetarian sources of iron (non-haem iron) are not as good as haem iron present in non-vegetarian sources. For people who are purely vegetarian, a diet containing spinach, lentils, beans and jaggery can help.

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