Fast food and pair your burger with wine

Red, white, rose and a burger on the side

It’s time to add sophistication to fast food and pair your burger with wine. Here are some combos to get you going


Almost anything pairs with anything these days. If vodka can pair seamlessly with pani puri, there’s great hope and greater possibility that wine can pair with burgers, so that 20 somethings can look effortlessly suave in between big bites of double steak burgers and a Shiraz. Evidently, it is what the wineries at Sula hope to break ground in

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Ask Sovna Puri, head of tastings and trainings at Sula Vineyards, about which wine goes well with a beef burger, and here’s her answer:

Rasa Shiraz would work really well with a beef burger — the juicy meat pairs very well with this complex, aged red which is full bodied. Beef is a heavy meat and needs a robust wine that will stand up to it.

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For diehard fans of lamb burger, the expert recommends Dindori Reserve Shiraz, which pairs wonderfully with lamb dishes. It can be paired with a lamb burger as well. This is a multifaceted wine, which would help accentuate the flavour of the burger due to its balance and smoothness.

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As for the tried and tasted chicken burger, Sovna says, “India’s first and only riesling by Sula would complement a chicken burger well. Chicken is relatively a lighter meat, so it can be paired with a lighter wine. Also, the riesling would be nice and refreshing with the mayonnaise and salad leaves.”

And for a veg burger? That’s another story.