Postal scheme for wedding(lagna-patrika) invites

One of the biggest worries for someone getting married is timely distribution of invitation card(lagna-patrika)s to loved ones. With the wedding season on, the Department of Posts has come forward to make this task simple and convenient. Director, Postal Services, Allahabad Region Krishna Kumar Yadav said under Business Post Service, Postal Department will not only collect card(lagna-patrika)s from customers from home but also ensure their insertion into envelopes, sealing, address writing and special delivery by charging the lowest possible price.

This service is available in Head Post Offices under the name Business Post. He said Business Post provides ‘total mailing solution’ to the businesses- from mail preparation to mail delivery.

It is a service that manages entire mail-out process, for small businesses as well as large companies. Customers can choose from a range of cost-effective and professional mailing services, including collecting, inserting, sealing, and addressing to meet their specific business needs. In order to speed up the mail delivery, special dispatch direct to destination post office and special delivery arrangements can also be made under Business Post. Regarding wedding invitation card(lagna-patrika)s, Yadav said under this service, either customer may hand over the marriage invitation card(lagna-patrika)s to the postal employee or may have it collected from home itself. Along with invitation card(lagna-patrika)s, the customer will have to provide list of their guests’ addresses.

Employees of post offices will insert the card(lagna-patrika) in envelope by sealing and paste/write the specific addresses on each card(lagna-patrika). He said Business Post handles all business mail processing to make the task easy and convenient for those customers, who are worried for sending their wedding card(lagna-patrika)s. He further added that Department of Posts will charge nominal prices for this service. In case of ordinary post, it will be Rs 1, whereas for registered post it will be Rs 1.80.