which type of couple you are?

All Married people. check your date

Check out Your marriage date,
See which type of couple you are.
1-fighting couple
2-honest couple
3-innocent couple
4-happy go lucky couple
5-smiling always couple
6-can love like hell couple

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7-studious couple
8-can make others jealous couple
9-always ready to party couple
10-Inspirational Couple
11-dashing couple
12-decent couple

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13-the perfect person couple
14-challenging  couple
15-most adorable n loving couple
16-parent’s  pet couple
17-successful  couple
18-can play with hearts couple

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19-acting couple
20-couple of seven  wonders
21-cunning couple
22-cutest couple
23-good heart couple
24-caring couple

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25-hero/heroine couple
26- lazy couple
27-fun loving couple
28- dumb couple
29-ideal couple
30- problematic couple
31- hot couple
Whats yours???