As India has changed, the way India travels has changed too. See how we did things then, and what happens now instead. Bon voyage!

THEN: Two months in your native place, you nap every day, the kids climb trees, grandpa is happy, everyone gets a tan.

THEN: Stealing those mini soaps and shampoos from posh hotels. NOW: Eyeing the cushioned, satin clothes hangers too.NOW: Six-night-sevenday group tour of the foreign destination of the moment. English-speaking guide. Adventure activities. Indian food.

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THEN: Quick multiplication tables in your head when you saw the prices of anything abroad.

NOW: There’s an app for that, plus you can use your international credit card.

THEN: Manali/Alibaug was lovely, let’s go back.

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NOW: Pick one international destination. Visit. Tick off list. Start with another place.

THEN: Budget travel meant picking a place where an NRI relative had a house and spare bed.

NOW: Backpacking, youth hostels, Air BnB, Couchsurfing and yes, the NRI relative’s house too.

THEN: Nashik = Sai Baba.

NOW: Nashik = Sulafest.

THEN: Guidebooks, huge maps you could never fold back the same way.

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NOW: Internet listicles, and GPS. THEN: Let’s not go where we will not like the food.

NOW: Veg options practically everywhere, Indian restaurants abound.

THEN: Same kindly neighbourhood cabbie took you to the airport.

NOW: Ola cabs booked and ready. Driver Samir is on his way.

THEN: Modest State Tourism resorts, with “bed tea”. What? Hot water in the morning only?

NOW: Four-star plush resorts with buffet breakfast. What? No bathtub in every room?

THEN: Mr Sharma went to Bali, so we must go too.

NOW: Let’s go to Croatia. No one I know has been.

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THEN: Tour operator lists six sights in this place. We see all six and come back.

NOW: Customised food tours, nature trails, heritage walks, music festivals and shopping holidays.

THEN: Airline tickets look like chequebooks.

NOW: Web check-in.

THEN: Does the hotel room have a TV?

NOW: Does it also have free WiFi, and enough plug points for phone charger?

THEN: Collecting postcards.

NOW: Collecting air miles.

THEN: Being able to disconnect on holiday.

NOW: If you have a smartphone, no chance!

THEN: Requesting the kindly local or fellow tourist to take one family photo of all of you.

NOW: Selfie stick, panorama mode, multiple shots and smile-finder on your cellphone.

THEN: Wish I could be on holiday forever.

NOW: I want to be a travel writer.