How to make everyday a good hair dayMake everyday a good hair day

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How to make everyday a good hair day

Make everyday a good hair day

Wonder why the best clarifying shampoo and the creamiest of conditioners is not working on your hair?

Ever felt like pulling out your hair in despair? Not many are aware that bathing with hard water and well water or even the water from boring wells can leave a iron and mineral residue. This residue can greatly discolour and change the texture of hair. Here are a few remedies to improve the health of hair that has already been exposed and spoilt by iron.

1. Don’t be fooled by all the glossies extolling the virtues of a high-end, high-priced shampoo and look for one that says clarifying. Clarifying shampoos remove product build-up as well as the residues left behind by iron and mineral deposits that make hair look dull and lifeless.
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2. After you are done shampooing hair, cover your wet hair completely with lemon juice. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. The lemon rinse will not only leave your hair smelling with a pleasant citrusy smell but also squeaky clean.

3. Another substitute for the lemon rinse is a mixture of vinegar and cream of tartar. Vinegar and cream of tartar effectively fight off rust with acidity. Apply the concoction to wet, washed hair. Let it sit on hair for a lil while and then wash off.
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4. Add baking soda to your clarifying shampoo and wash hair with it like you would normally do. Apply a conditioner after washing hair with soda and shampoo.

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