Hair hacks for the rainy season

Wave farewell to wind-whipped frizz and humidity affected horror locks -hair experts reveal how to keep your hair happy and well behaved this season. From prepping before you step out, to easy updos and protecting your locks during rainy days, here are some top tips to ensure your hair looks gorgeous.Get your hair trimmed

If you don’t get rid of broken ends in advance, the effects of monsoon will make splits travel further and faster up your hair. Taking off all the dead ends will help seal your hair against damage and also make it much easier to manage.

Wear sunscreen in your hair

If your hair is coloured, it’s important to shield it from the sun’s rays as they literally act like bleach. Using suncream in your hair is even better than a specific hair SPF spray because it absorbs easily into the hair and acts like a styling product, enhancing your natural texture.

Colour at least a week before a big event

Avoid booking a last minute emergency appointment. Dye will damage the surface of your hair and the last thing it needs is for you go outdoors. If your roots are truly unbearable, you could do a DIY parting-only touch up.

Strengthen your hair

If your hair is packed with moisture, it’ll absorb fewer drying and discolouring minerals especially if you decide to go swimming. Add in a good treatment mask to your regime and try to lay off dehydrating heat styling for a day or two.

Opt for a top knot during the day

A top knot is the perfect day hair style.Plus, it looks elegant as it elongates your neck. To do it, tip your head upside and use a hairspray to help you scoop up all the hair. Put it all into a `pineapple’ on top of your head and secure with a band, but don’t pull it too tight or it’ll give you a headache.Then twist it round and until it folds in on itself, pin with three kirby grips and spray one last time.

Tie hair up safely

Don’t use waxed bands -or worse still -an actual rubber band to tie your hair. This results in your hair `snapping’, which might need an emergency fringe cut to disguise the damage.Always use a soft, stretchy hairband.

Oil hair before every wash

Dandruff increases during monsoon thanks to excess humidity . Hence, keep itchiness at bay by regularly applying oil on your scalp and leaving it overnight. Neem oil, especially , is said to be very effective in battling dandruff. Let your hair dry naturally after washing it and avoid using a hair straightener unless absolutely necessary .