Monsoon wedding tips

The thought of having a monsoon wedding sounds romantic and exciting at the same time.However, as planners, there are some concerns that you need to tackle to make it a smooth affair.

Here’s highlighting the major issues that people getting married this season face with, along with possible solutions for a hassle-free and memorable ceremony:

-Avoid open venues
Although open air wedding venues like lawns or pool sides look ecstatic, since no one can recreate nature so beautifully like it does for itself. However, with the way the weather is, one never knows just when it starts pouring. Opt for enclosed venues like banquets or halls, as sudden showers are not very pleasant when you are dressed to the ‘T’. You wouldn’t want a wedding where everyone start running helter-skelter in between the ceremony to look for cover.

Tip: To recreate the feel of an outdoor wedding, choose a place that has large glass windows or walls, with scenic exteriors. It will not just get dreamy as it starts pouring, but the guests will thank you for the beautiful arrangement.

-Enough parking space
When choosing the venue, make sure you go for places that provide ample parking for visitor vehicles. This will ensure that your guests comfortably park their cars and need not struggle in the rains, to reach the venue.

-Avoid flower decor
Indeed, floral decoration looks the best when it comes to weddings. A venue decorated with exotic flowers can have an enigmatic charm on the guests. However, flowers make enclosed venues slightly claustrophobic with their fragrance; moreover since a lot of guests will also bring along flowers for the couple. Similarly, flowers also attract small insects and crawlies that are not very pleasant during monsoons, considering they would be confined within the venue and can disinfect the food and drinks.
Tip: Instead, try innovative decor options like origami, curtains, lights, candles, glassware, umbrellas, etc. that can make for some really quirky decor.

-Constant power supply
Monsoons are known to lead to sudden electrical breakdowns due to bad weather. Make sure you have all the necessary arrangements to tackle a power cut since you wouldn’t want a blackout on the most important day of your life. It is very important to have a provision of an inverter or preferably a generator at the wedding venue. Most monsoon weddings have to be supported by an external power supply.

-Ensure quality food
Monsoons bring along a brigade of food allergies; hence it is of utmost importance to check and recheck the quality of food being served. You need to ensure that the hotel or catering service is using top quality products. Also, make sure you avoid including dishes that have leafy veggies as ingredients like palak paneer, green chicken, hara bhara kebabs, etc as leafy veggies are high on infections due to the conditions they are grown in. Avoid risky sea foods like shrimps and an overdose of non-vegetarian preparations, as meat too leads to a lot of stomach infections this season.
Tip: Do not over order, as the attendance at monsoon weddings is usually low, due to the weather and inconvenience to commute.

-Keep rain wear handy
Make sure you are ready with your rain-gear; be it umbrellas, raincoats, wind cheaters, etc. Even if it is an enclosed venue, a lot of weddings involve things like the pheras in an open space; in fact a lot of churches and their peripheries are not completely covered. Even if it is as small a distance as 10 meters till you reach your car or the aisle or the mandap, make sure you have umbrellas and raincoats handy since you don’t want even the rain to spoil things around you.

-Stay healthy
Monsoons are that time of the year when everyone’s prone to various seasonal affected disorders. Be it a common cold, flu, hay fever or something as serious as pneumonia or jaundice; make sure you stay away from all these. You need to be healthy for your wedding, hence take care of yourself in every possible way to make sure you are in the pink of health on your most special day. Don’t ignore a cold or cough, avoid street food, stop drinking cold water, etc. These small lifestyle changes before your wedding will help you stay healthy and fit.

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