Shisham tree in english

(Family: Papilionaceae)

English—Bombay Rosewood, Bombay Blackwood; Hindi—Shisham \ Bengali—Sitral; Kannada—Biti; Marathi—Shisham; Tamil—Iti, Eriwadi
THS GENERIC name Dalbergia commemorates N. Dalberg, a Swedish botanist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Latifolia means ‘with broad leaves’.
The tree is indigenous and endemic from the Himalayan foothills to Central and South India, and is more common in hilly parts, going up to 1500-metre elevation. In open deciduous forests in Central and West India the tree is small and crooked, scarcely reaching 10 m. in height; in the moister areas in South India it is a large tree growing to large sizes, trees 25 m. high being common; trees over 3.5 m. high have also been recorded.
A small to large tree with spreading branches forming a shady head; the tree is said to be deciduous, but at no time is entirely without some leaves; leaf-shedding takes place at the end of winter. Leaves consist of a central stalk and 5—7 leaflets are placed alternately on either side of the stalk; the leaflets are more or less orbicular, firm, and green above, pale beneath. The flowers are white in colour, very similar in appearance to those of Pongamia, in lax clusters from leaf axils. The fruit is a strapshaped, flat pod with 1—3 seeds. The tree flowers in the hot season and fruits remain on the tree for some months, usually until the monsoon.
This tree yields one of the most valuable timbers of India known in the trade as Indian or Bombay Rosewood or Blackwood. In a recent note published in The Indian Forester D.G. Wesley reports that a log of this tree of 63.7 cubic feet “was sold for Rs 23,059.40, giving a rate per c ft. of Rs 362. To my mind this is a record for any kind of timber sold in India to date.” (Indian For. 89: 462, 1963). G. Watt says of the timber of this tree: “The timber is one of the most valuable1 in India, is strong, very hard, close-grained, and of a purple black colour. It takes a beautiful polish, is reckoned the best furniture wood.” Diet. Econ. Prod. 3: 9, 1890).
Plant fresh seeds in a well-drained nursery bed, as only fresh seeds give a high percentage of germination. Transplant the seedlings at the beginning of the monsoon and at first give those partial shading; later on the seedlings benefit from full open light. The tree does best in well-drained moist soils, but can also stand poor dry soils. The tree is occasionally planted along roadsides, where it does fairly well. However, when most of the leaves are gone, it is not elegant.

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