Four sweat-proof hairstyles every gym-goer must try

When you’re working out, the one thing you should least care about is your hair. Be it high-intensity moves or dance practice, keeping your hair in place will only make your session fuss-free. No one likes the idea of sweating, messy and sticky har during a workout. Having said that, a right hairstyle can fix all your hair woes during a great workout.
So next time you’re heading out for a workout, a sweating hairstyle shouldn’t be your excuse. Whether your hair is long or silky, we’ve got the right hairstyles that will not fall out in between. These hairstyles won’t irritate your neck, stay in place and won’t be sweat hideout.
These four easy hairstyles decoded by Image Consultant. Garima Bhandari will be perfect for your next fitness routine. From updos to braids, try these hairdos that won’t bother your workout at all!

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