Tailing the rat tail trend HAIRSTYLE

Tailing the rat tail trend



Trend setter: Ranbir Kapoor sported rat tail in Barfi!

Remember the rat tail braid that Ranbir Kapoor sported in Barfi!? Yes, that little tail of hair has now become a rage among youngsters too.

While many prefer to colour, bead or curl their rat tail, Ranbir’s braid was a sophisticated take on the latest fad.

Rat trail braid is a very 80s, cool, free-look thing, and a large number of youngsters are copying the style ever since Ranbir’s look was revealed. Those who sport the style wear their hair short all over their head and leave out a tail of hair at the back to grow, which is then braided. For those who can’t wait for their hair to grow long are going for hair extensions which are attached to their nape to give them an instant rat trail braid.

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Lovina Gidwani, Esparanza Spa and Beauty Lounge, says, “People have become bored of the general and symmetrical hairstyles. Now a new trend has come in trend with uneven hair styles i.e rat tail hairstyle. It gives a totally funky look and makes one look different from regular people sporting boring hairstyles.”

The length of rat tail should be longer than the whole hair, but for a perfect look it should be not more than 15 cm.

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Makeup expert Nidhi Khurana of Brush Strokes, too shares her views. “The rat tail saw a brief period of mainstream popularity during the 1980s and had rapidly fallen out of vogue. However, it has recently seen renewed popularity. Rat tail is trending recent times because it’s a unique hairstyle which sets you apart from the crowd. People are turning toward rat tails as it provides a cool and funky look and is also known as the bad boy look.”

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“Oval, round and V shape faces are best suit for rat tails. And there is no hard and fast rule for rat tail as it entirely depends upon the individual’s choice.” adds Nidhi. So, here is something for young men out there too!