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Hairstyle icons

justin bieber

“He’s got more talent in those bangs than I got in my whole body!” was what hot bod Megan Fox had to say about the 17-year-old pop icon’s carefully styled swept-up hairdo. It was as much a rage as his voice when Justin Bieber burst on to the music scene two years ago. Little wonder then that millions of Beliebers across the world went into depression when Justin snipped a few inches last week, opting for a haircut that he described as “mature and hassle-free”. The result? The loss of 80,000 Twitter followers in just two days! The brighter side? Bieb’s shorn locks fetched $40,668 on eBay.

zac efron

Those shaggy locks make women go weak in the knees. The High School Musical star — a teen favourite — has always managed to be in the news, courtesy his hair. If the swept look — hair falling on the forehead and accentuating the eyes — made him a sensation worldwide, his gravity-defying spiked mane has had millions of fans queueing up at salons to simulate the look. The latest? The Hairspray actor recently rocked the red carpet in a buzz cut (top left) that is sure creating a lot of buzz. What next Zac?

amy winehouse

Her hairstyle, too, defies gravity. Pop icon Amy Winehouse’s beehive hair is a reflection of her personality — unconventional and no-holds-barred. Most love it, some hate it, but no one dare ignore it. And though she opted for a curly look and even went blonde in between, it is the beehive that has come to define the Stronger Than Me hitmaker. And how does Winehouse manage to get the beehive look right each time? “I don’t wash my hair for days, sometimes weeks!” Yuck!

jennifer aniston

For years she was the girl with the most envied haircut in the world. As Rachel in everyone’s favourite sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston’s bouncy, square-layered hairstyle became a global rage, powering its way to be listed as the most popular haircut ever. Now a decade later, the ex-Mrs Brad Pitt’s hair is in the news again. The Holly hottie made an appearance in Madrid two weeks ago sporting a sassy bob (picture right) that makes her look more mature and more together. Shorter in the back with the highlights getting lighter around her face, the new cut has been an instant hit. One just wishes her films made as much news. What say Jen?

george clooney

Those matinee idol good looks, easy charm and effortless style can make any haircut look good. George Clooney rarely experiments with his hair, but considering the way he looks with that simple head of salt and pepper hair and the occasional sideburns, would you want it any other way? Richard Gere comes a close second.

robert pattinson

“I’m not an aficionado of hair, but his looks great.” — Hugh Jackman on Robert Pattinson’s hair. The Twilight hero’s carefully careless hairstyle has earned him scores of fans worldwide. From DIY guides to get the Rob Pat hair on the Internet to even reality shows like The Buried Life that focus on his prized top, the teen heartthrob lets his hair do all the talking.

halle berry

The gorgeous figure has men drooling. The gorgeous haircut has women gaping. The former Bond girl rocks the short and sassy pixie haircut like few others can. The 44-year-old mother of one has experimented with a plethora of hairstyles, but none has been as iconic as the super short cut aped by fashionistas across the world — including Bollywood actress Gul Panag.

blake lively

The Gossip Girl rarely experiments with her locks, choosing to keep it straight, shiny and simple. Does it work? The Internet has 1,550,000 results for the search “Blake Lively + hair”. Need we say more?

elvis presley

What would the King of Rock ’N’ Roll be without that upturned ducktail hairstyle inspired by his icon Tony Curtis?

marilyn monroe

Originally a brunette, Norma Jeane Baker dyed her hair blonde — and Marilyn Monroe was born. Till today, those platinum-gold locks are ogled at, admired and copied.

the beatles

The mop top — renamed the Beatles cut — had women (and men) swooning. For an entire generation of the ’60s, it was the it haircut. In the Flower Power ’70s, the group wore their hair long and sported moustaches. The world followed suit.

Princess diana

Sophisticated, modern and chic. Diana’s hair was a reflection of her personality. The short, layered cut with a hint of tint remains one of the most iconic hairstyles ever.

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