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Short hair has always been the thing for men’s hair stylist Anjali Sambtani of Juice Salon and Spa who is armed with a diploma in men’s grooming from Headmasters in Melbourne. The 27-year-old recently did a short stint at the London-based parlour Shamira’s Hair Studio and is back in town equipped with the latest hair-raising techniques. Top trends and tips from the pro…

How has the Calcutta man changed over the past few years?

Men here are coming to realise that a good hairstyle can really change the way one looks so they are quite experimental with cuts. And western trends are catching on fast.

Top faux pas that men make? Sometimes, men tend to use excessive styling products like stiff gels and lots of serum that dirties the scalp and can also leave marks on the forehead. It’s also a common habit for men to use regular packet colour to cover greys which can be harmful for the hair. They should only use ammonia-free colour.

What are some popular grooming rituals for the Calcutta man?

Spa pedicures are very popular with the men here. We get appointments from groups of guys who insist on getting their pedicures done together.

What are the latest cuts?

The Schoolboy Cut (think Jay Sean) and the Rockstar Cut (think Justin Bieber) are very hot right now. Both these cuts give a very textured look and can be played around with to change the style.

Finally, some hair care tips…

A mild shampoo and conditioner are a must for daily use. For dandruff-prone hair, a scalp-cleansing shampoo is recommended. Men should avoid getting streaks done as it’s difficult to maintain and doesn’t blend well with classic haircuts. While applying gel, opt for one with a matte finish — it makes the hair look less wet and sticky.

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