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Hair and now

It is said that a perfect woman is the one with long hair. Long hair is the precious gift given to women and it enhances their beauty even more. But the new age women prefer to snip into short hair and the men want to grow it long. Actually, movies and stars steer the youth a lot as their style funda is adopted by the youth to a great extent. There are those who look fine and those who need to change just to look good on the screen. Suddenly, there is a new trend of hair raising and moustaches (among the men, of course).

• We have heard of villains changing their hairstyle but now it’s the heroes who are into it. Sunjay Dutt was the one who had long hair in the past, so did Salman Khan. He had those tresses which would suit his personality and the kind of roles he used to do. In his superhit movie, Khal-Nayak his long hair gave more life to the negative role. But it seems Sanju Baba was fed up of long hair and, with a receding hairline and advancing ageline, he has had new ‘makeovers’ in which he is liked more by the audience as ‘characteristic’. Just camouflage, really.

• John Abraham is the most sizzling hero at the moment (literally, knowing the trend followers) and he is loved more in each movie because of his personality and style. His long-haired look suits him plenty it seems though it remains similkar to each character and expression. He is a ‘model-actor’ and well aware of what suits him and what doesn’t. But John needs a new hairstyle like that of the Chhote Nawaab Saif Ali Khan who, after several flops, finally realised that his long hair was the main reason for his bad career graph and came up with a ‘cool’ haircut in Dil Chahta Hai. Since then he’s still hair.

• Salman Khan is another star who is the throb of several hearts because of his style, good looks and personality. He is a person who is always stylish and carries himself perfectly. He is another main attraction who gave us a huge shock with his new hairstyle in Tere Naam. Like any bimbo, and now like any bimbokiller, Salman is a person who is always (un)dressed to kill. As he is very aware of his clothes, shoes and accessories, including arm candy. But everyone wonders what made him wear that hideous wig in Tere Naam. Very uncool.

• Zayed Khan. He is another scrawny paper tiger who has grown into a handsome dude (of course, that’s a relative term, ask cousin Fardeen) and it’s because of this that people love the way he dresses. A hit forgives you many sins. And has the sponsors running after the ‘icons’ thereafter. Zayed in Main Hoon Na had a new hairstyle. He says because of the character he had to wear that hideous wig (which was worse, Sallu or Zayed’) but he should have thrown a tantrum. Or he should have taken some tips from John Abraham. In MHN people liked him in the second half where he becomes a cleancut decent guy.

• Styling their hair for a character has become a necessity but the actors should at least ensure that it suits them. You know Preity Zinta and Amisha Patel have undergone a makeover. Preity really looked pretty in Lakshya where she was given curls in the first half, cool, but in the second half she had this short cut done by Farhan Akthar’s hairstylist-wife. Amisha is going in for a blonde makeover, Vikram willing, but we’ll wait and see.

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