Groom time for guys

For many men, the mandatory monthly trip to the salon is just about a haircut, possibly extending as far as a shampoo and at most a shave. But there are others, more in touch with their metrosexual selves, who are exploring the less essential services on offer. Good grooming is gaining ground with men, and it is not just actors, models and others who feel the need; it is the corporate executives, businessmen, IT professionals and the like who are becoming big spenders when it comes to pamper time.

Hair high

Haircuts are must-haves, and colouring is quite common, but there are treatments being sought out, such as hair spas and other nourishing services. “Most men come looking for solutions to problems like dandruff, hair thinning and hair loss and they are very particular about taking care of their hair,” said Kohinoor Mondal, master franchisee of Jawed Habib in Calcutta. Treatments that promise to combat dandruff, hair spas for coloured hair, hot oil massage and deep-conditioning are a few of the options they are likely to consider.

“These days men are no less careful about how they look than women. Most of our clients are corporate executives who are very regular with their appointments,” said Raman Bhardwaj, stylist and director, A.N. John. “A hair spa also includes a massage of the back and shoulders, which is an added incentive for our clients who come in after a hard day’s work,” said Anjali Sambtani, men’s hair stylist at Juice Salon & Spa.

Product push

The demand for high-end styling products for men is also on the rise. Anti-hair fall conditioners, hair thickening paste, hair wax and volume enhancing shampoos are moving fast at beauty parlours. “Men are very particular about the kind of products that are good for their hair type. We get asked a lot of questions by our male clients about the kind of results they can expect from different products and most of them aren’t afraid to experiment,” said Anjali.

L’Oreal’s Homme Definition Wax, Kerastase Homme Capital Force Sculpting Fixing Gel, Bed Head Tigi’s Treat Me Right Peppermint Hair Mask, Bed Head Tigi’s Cocky’s Thickening Paste and Bed Head Tigi’s Hook-Up Mousse Wax are helping men style their hair right. Kerastase has also launched a specialised home care range for men, the Kerastase Homme Capital Force. “With the market for men’s hair care booming, we have introduced the Kerastase range, which has products for daily use like anti-dandruff shampoos, hair-boosting spray, anti-oiliness shampoos and volumnising shampoo,” explained Raman.

Spa time

Not just the salon, men have even warmed to the spa experience. At The Park’s Aura Spa, for example, male clients outnumber women. “Our male visitors far outnumber the ladies. We get a minimum of 10 men making appointments every day,” said Afzal Ishaque, training manager, The Park. De-stressing and detoxification treatments are what most men want. Popular body massages are the Swedish Massage, in which olive oil is used to gently massage the body; the Stress Buster Massage Therapy, which concentrates on the different pressure points; Aroma Therapy Massage, which uses a concoction of aroma oils like lavender, lemon grass and mint; and the traditional Thai Massage.

“That one hour of intense muscle massage loosens knots, takes away all tiredness and stress from the body and that’s what men who have hectic work schedules come in for,” said Sneha Mukherjee, spa manager, Amoda The Spa Bar. At Amoda, men also seek exotic body scrub treatments such as Almond and Sandalwood Scrub, Ubtan Scrub, Chocolate Scrub and Coconut Cocoon Scrub. “Body scrubs remove dead cells, soothe dry skin and bring about a healthy glow. Men are often faced with the problem of rough and dry skin, so they come in very regularly to apply these skin smoothing scrubs,” explained Afzal.

Hands and feet

If you thought ‘boy time’ was restricted to getting together for some PlayStation action, think again. Nowadays it’s common for guys to bond over a mani-pedi, just like the ladies do. “We often get appointments from groups of guys who insist on getting their pedicures done at the same time. It’s like friends’ day out at the parlour,” said Anjali. And it isn’t a one-off experiment, either. Men are very likely to come back every two weeks to ensure the benefits of their manicures and pedicures aren’t lost. “They like flaunting clean and neatly filed nails as much as women do, the only difference being that they don’t apply nail paint,” added Anjali.

On the face

Good hair and good skin go hand-in-hand for the well-groomed man. Hence, facials have become an essential part of his beauty regimen. Glow facials for tan removal, deep-cleansing facials and optimum lightening facials are popular choices. “Especially during the summer months, men come in for anti-tan masks and fairness facials,” said Sneha. Middle-aged men prefer to get facials that nourish the skin, smooth out wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.


Wash your hair frequently to keep the scalp clean.
Don’t use an anti-dandruff shampoo regularly as it makes the hair dry.
After a swim, condition your hair.
Apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 30.
Use a face wash after coming home from work.
Use an exfoliating scrub for the face once a week.

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