Tanushree Dutta gets a bob cut from hairstylist Guy Kremer.


Guy Kremer was in town last week to conduct a training programme as a part of the new collaborative venture Guy Kremer Eye Catchers, which will see the celebrated British hairstylist impart his cutting edge expertise to city stylists. The official announcement of Eye Catchers joining hands with Kremer saw actress Tanushree Dutta get a bob cut — but only after much prodding from those present at the Mani Square salon. “I’ll be coming here 14 times a year,” smiled the affable hair expert. He also spoke to t2 about the trends to sport and hair-care in this sweltering heat.

What have you been up to since your visit to Calcutta at Eye Catchers last April?

Oh! I have been very busy. Travelling to America… all over the world actually, teaching trends. I love both teaching and snipping!

What are your tips to keep the mane glossy in this heat?

Well, for me it will mean using lots of protein shampoo. I would also ask people to use a moisturising conditioner. No oil for me.

Cuts this season…

For her: Bobs (like the one Tanushree got on Sunday afternoon) and long layers.

For him: Short is in.

Colours this season…

For her: Maji brown. It will complement the Indian skin tone.

For him: Men can also try Maji brown or dark colours.

A cut that’s making a comeback?

The glamour cuts of the 40s.

A style that is completely overdone?

You can cut it short, but not very short.

Celebs who have great hairstyles?

Tom Cruise’s wife… what’s her name? Yes, Katie Holmes. Charlize Theron. I also like Sameera Reddy’s haircut. She came to me for a cut two days back!

A celeb who needs a haircut?

I would like to cut Saif Ali Khan’s hair. His fringe is too long!

What are some of the fun things we can do with our hair this summer?

You could have it curled for a day or get it textured with a heat roller.

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