Beards for summer

Beards for summer


Beards for summer
Tweak your beard to suit the warm weather as well as your face cut and personality.

Waking up on a lazy summer morning during the holidays is more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about the usual shaving routine. With men’s grooming experts welcoming the return of the beard this season, it’s time to let your facial hair grow out in such a way that you can keep your cool and still look stylish. We present five summer beard contenders to choose from.
1. Keep a light all-over beard like actor Shah Rukh Khan if you have a squarish face. It makes your face appear leaner. Grow your facial hair out over a few weeks, and then clip closely around the mouth and chin.

2. Make a strong desi statement, like model Freddie Daruwalla does, with a thin but prominent moustache and a ‘short boxed beard’ – a full beard that is cropped closely. It’s a sharp effect that looks particularly good with Indian wear.
3. For some drama, follow Hollywood actor Christian Bale’s lead. Combine a ‘low cut beard’ with a handlebar moustache and a soul patch – a small patch below the lower lip and above the chin.

4. Balance out a hi-top hairstyle with a Hollywoodian beard. It’s basically a moustachioed cross between a goatee and a full beard but without the pronounced sideburns.

5. For a masculine appearance, get a stylised circle beard. Hrithik Roshan is often spotted in this smooth French beard variation where the moustache continues along the sides of the mouth and ends at the chin. Keep your jaws and neck clean-shaved for this one.
The ‘dirty shave’ is the lazy man’s key to bearded glory. To get this weekend beard, lightly use an electric shaver on your face.