What does a haircut do to a woman

What does a haircut do to a woman

Every woman plays with her hair a certain way; a sober ponytail for work, a fashionable appearance for the evening party, a neatly tied bun for a formal get-together etc. A recent study says that an average woman spends 10 days a year making sure her hair looks perfect. It further says that 10 minutes each day are devoted to washing and conditioning, 15 minutes to blow drying and 15 minutes in styling the locks; that sums up to 40 minutes in total. One might sometimes wonder why women are willing to invest so much time and money into their hair. Well, it’s not just for vanity’s sake. Hair, in a way, is a mode of expression and the way you carry your hair talks a lot about your personality.

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“A haircut has the knack of changing a woman tremendously, from both within and outside,” says American hair expert Diva Poulos, whose hairstyles have graced San Francisco’s red carpet launches for Sex and the City and Hairspray, and runway shows for design houses such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Ed Hardy, Escada, Gucci, Jennifer Nicholson, Prada and Valentino. Excerpts from an interview.
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What does a haircut do to a woman?
It gives her newfound confidence and sensuality. It can emphasise her jawline, make her feel and look taller and accentuate her face cut. A haircut, if done well, can give a woman a reason and an opportunity to celebrate.
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Hair is very symbolic, it’s something that is deeply tied to one’s identity. Explain.
One may think, ‘What’s hair got to do with one’s identity?’ but the truth is that hair is an integral part of a woman’s personality. It speaks volumes about her. A woman can transform her own persona and look completely bold and edgy if she wants to, with just a change in her haircut. At the same time, a particular haircut or hairstyle can also make a woman appear soft and elegant. A new hairstyle can put her into an entirely new frame of mind.What are the aspects a woman should consider before opting for a change of look?
The word ‘maintenance’ is of prime importance when it comes to getting a new style. Are you going to have the time to style your hair or are you going to let it dry on its own? If you’re changing your hair colour, ask yourself — does this colour complement my skin tone, is the treatment going to harm the texture of my hair etc.

What does a hairstyle reveal about one’s personality?
I’ve noticed that women with wavy, curly and unruly hair are very experimental and love changes in their lives. Some women prefer sticking to one hairstyle or haircut for a very long time. Such women may have chaos in their lives and simple hairstyles keep them very focussed and uncomplicated in life.
How do you think a woman with a pixie cut is different from a woman with long layered locks?
It all depends on the woman and the way she carries herself. While a woman with a pixie cut may be strong and confident, a woman with long, layered hair is considered a sex symbol. Many-a-times, women with lengthy, luscious locks are introverts and a little shy compared to women with a short haircut. Some women opt for long hair as it helps them cover up, while some like using their hair as a tool to interpret power because they can wear it the way they wish to — up or down. They can enjoy more versatility for sure.

A study says that women with so-called ‘less feminine’ hairstyles are seen as more intelligent since short hairstyles portray confidence and an outgoing nature…
Yes. When I see a woman with a short hairstyle, I definitely think that she’s strong, outgoing and more adventurous. When it comes to women with long hair, you can’t really judge.

Tell us something about a haircut as a mode of expression.
I usually tell a woman who is ready to cut her hair if she’d like to see structure. Structure to me is very clean, bold lines. Structure gives an opinion to a shape. If the haircut itself is very soft and filtered and feminine, it can be whimsical so it can definitely say something about the personality.

How does a new haircut prove to be an instant confidence booster?
It’s just like sporting a new dress. When you’re wearing a new-fangled dress, you just walk out with your head high. Getting a new haircut gives you a similar feeling. The only difference is that your new haircut may last just six to eight weeks.

Should women change their hairstyle with age? Can a haircut defy a woman’s age?
It depends. Some women choose to keep their hair long and grey while some keep it short. It depends on the texture of your hair as it may start thinning with age. I’d say, play it safe, unless you’re an edgy woman who is ageing well. A woman’s best bet is to change it but not go crazy; it’s always better to keep it simple.

Are Indian women experimental when it comes to hair?
Indian women, like Turkish women, like their hair long. I guess it makes them feel secure. They mostly seem to interpret and express fashion through clothes and colours. But, yes, there is certainly a change; Indian women today are a lot more experimental.

Why do you think Indian women fear new haircuts and hairstyles?
Most women are afraid to lose the length of their hair. The easiest way to change your look instantly is to experiment with your hair around the face, maybe get a fringe. You need not chop a lot of hair, instead just layer it well.

Suggest a few low-maintenance haircuts that working women can opt for.
I would suggest:
A fringe
Side fringe
Full bangs
A long bob that sits below the shoulders
Soft layers that frame the face